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William Perkins: Racist Marines
Delivering lumber on Guam, William Perkins couldn't believe the racist attitude of fellow Marines.
Interview outtakes from THE WAR:
"I was taking a load of lumber to the Marines, wherever their, their encampment was. And on the way, I had to go through an intersection, so I had to stop because the Marines were on a road march, and they were comin’ by and they looked up and saw me and they called out to another guy, he say ‘Hey, this is..’ and he used the ‘N’ word, plus other things, ‘riding while, while we’re walking.’ And so they passed it on back, and so for about five minutes I had to sit and listen to all these vile names that they were calling me. And I couldn’t understand at that time that, here we are at war, and we’re fifteen hundred miles from the, the enemy’s territory, and I had to listen to something like that. And I ... it’s something I, I didn’t relish telling anybody about, because I was ashamed of what the United States citizens would, soldiers that would talk to another person, you know. Although I had, it was nothing new for me. Except for the fact that here it is, wartime. Everything should be forgotten, and everything should be on the up-and-up, and we should be comrades, instead of being what they called me. And I thought that was ... I was very ashamed of the people that did it. And I was kind of taken back that I had to listen to something like that. But you either take it or you...they were, they were in the drivers’ seat. That’s the name of that game. So. Like I said. I’m very ashamed of my country and some of the people that were in it. That this, a thing like this could happen. It’s not the first and not the last time, you know.”