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Willie Rushton: Returned to prejudice
Black servicemen had trouble registering to vote when they got back home.
Interivew outtakes from THE WAR:
"When I came back home, really true, I didn't see any difference. But when I got back home, you know, it was really, really kind of disgusting to me because, you know, the way people acted, it, it, it seemed like it wasn't any different from when I left, you know. When I first got back to Mobile, I was just disgusted about, you know, about, about, black people having, especially the service men having such a hard a time registering to vote, you know. And, and we had one or two people up there, over there on, on St. Stephan Road over that way. We had a voting place over there where, we had a man over there, I forget what his name was, but he was trying to get some of the veterans to vote that would, came out of the service and all. And they beat him up pretty bad over there. You know, it made us feel pretty sad about that, you know. They always say if you're, if you're an American citizen, you're supposed to be able to vote, you know. So, but, it was just one of those things. So that's what we had to go through, you know. And when we came back out of the service, you know."