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Pearl Harbor: The attack
Daniel Inouye was preparing to go to church with his family when the attack on Pearl Harbor began.
From THE WAR, Episode 1:
DANIEL INOUYE: Pearl Harbor was a Sunday and, together with the family, we’re all getting ready to go to church. And the disc jockey’s going on with Hawaiian music and suddenly, he sounded hysterical. For a moment, I thought this was an act. So I stepped out into the street and sure enough, there’re puffs and smoke coming out of that Pearl Harbor area. And so, I called my father out, said, “Look at that.” And all of a sudden, three aircraft flew right overhead. They were pearl gray with red dots. I knew what was happening. And I thought my world had just come to an end.

NARRATOR: At 7:55 AM on Sunday, December 7, 1941, hundreds of Japanese warplanes, launched from aircraft carriers far out at sea, attacked the American Pacific fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The attack took a terrible toll, so terrible a toll that the War Department kept secret the exact details for years. Eight battleships, including the U.S.S. Arizona, three light cruisers, three destroyers and four other naval vessels were either sunk or damaged. One hundred and sixty-four American aircraft were also destroyed. Most hadn’t even gotten off the ground. And 2,403 Americans were dead. Nothing like this had ever happened to the United States of America before.