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Sascha Weinzheimer: Entering Santo Tomas
A few days after her 10th birthday, Sascha Weinzheimer and her family moved into the Santo Tomas Camp on the Philippines.
From The WAR, Episode 2 (Read by Rebecca Holtz):
"On February 15, 1943, a few days after my tenth birthday, we moved into the Santo Tomas Camp. We left Nila, our amah, crying loudly. After bowing to the sentry on duty, we went through the gate where Daddy was waiting for us. ... Immediately, the Japanese didn't want to have anything to do with us. They weren't going to feed us. They weren't going to follow the Geneva Convention rules. So you were left to fend for yourself. ... It was funny to see bank presidents and other men like that cleaning toilets and garbage cans. Mother had toilet duty four times a week. There were all kinds of people in camp. Some were hard workers, like Daddy, others were gripers who liked to talk a lot and gold bricks who didn't do anything at all."