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Luverne: The war comes home
Al McIntosh writes of personal losses the war brought to those in Luverne.
From THE WAR, Episode 4 (Read by Tom Hanks)
Luverne, Minnesota. July 20, 1944. Somehow, the gossip “grape vine” had heard that there was a telegram coming through after 6 PM last Friday for Mr. and Mrs. Ray Lester of Magnolia. Ray Lester heard about it and his heart was heavy. He started walking down the street. On the way he met “Scotty” Dewar, the depot agent. “Which one is it? “ asked Lester – because there were four boys to worry about in that family. After being told he went sorrowfully home to break the news to his wife.

And it was a gracious gesture that was made at the dance in Magnolia that night. When the crowd heard the news – the dance was halted immediately out of respect to the memory of that fighting Marine who died on Saipan.

Al McIntosh
Rock County Star Herald