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About New River Media, Inc.

New River Media New River Media is an independent company based in Washington, DC that specializes in the production and distribution of documentary, series and educational television. The company also provides a range of consulting and video production services to corporate and institutional clients.

Founded in 1992, New River Media has become a leading producer for PBS. As an independent, entrepreneurial firm, New River manages the fundraising, production, promotion, distribution and subsidiary marketing for most of its programs.

New River Media’s projects have secured major financial support from The Corporation For Public Broadcasting and the PBS Challenge Fund, as well as leading foundations and corporations, including ADM, Amgen, BMW, General Motors, Pfizer, The Bradley Foundation, The JM Foundation, The Pew Charitable Trusts, The Olin Foundation, The Lyn & Norman Lear Foundation, The Templeton Foundation, The US/Japan Foundation, The Randolph Foundation, and the Smith Richardson Foundation.

New River programs have received several industry awards, including Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards at the Houston Film Festival, a Finalist Award at the 1995 New York Festival, and an honorable mention at the 1996 Columbus International Film Festival.

In 1994, New River Media launched a home video division to represent its own programs as well as those from leading producers from around the world. New River is the exclusive representative in the North American home video market for Britain’s Cromwell Productions, Ltd. Titles in New River's home video library include the British cooking series “The Two Fat Ladies,” Mike Figgis’ “Flamenco Women,” and New River’s own “Gargoyles: Guardians Of The Gate.”

New River Media has provided communications consulting services to TCI, The Reader’s Digest, ABC News, Maryland Public Television, The Knowledge Network, The PBS Business Channel, and The Discovery Network.

Among New River Media’s current and recent television projects are:
  • Think Tank With Ben Wattenberg, the weekly PBS series on ideas and public policy (ongoing);

  • Yogi Berra: Déjà vu All Over Again, a PBS biography of the great baseball player with host Bob Costas (summer, 1999);

  • The Best of OMNIBUS, a two-hour PBS retrospective on the historic television series featuring music, dance, drama and comedy (Summer 1999);

  • The Stockholder Society, a one-hour PBS examination of how broadening participation in financial markets has changed America (Fall, 1999);

  • Folk Art of the Pennsylvania Dutch: Expressions of Common Hands, a one-hour PBS documentary (summer, 1999);

  • America Is Number One: Now what? a one-hour PBS special on US foreign policy in the wake of the Cold War (1998);

  • Faith & Reason, a one-hour PBS documentary on science and religion narrated by journalist and author Margaret Wertheim (1998);

  • Edith Piaf: La Vie En Rose, a PBS biography of the great cabaret singer featuring 16 of her greatest songs, hosted by Broadway and television star Bebe Neuwirth (1998);

  • Follow The Money, the 26-part weekly PBS series covering the Senate campaign finance hearings, co-hosted by Ray Suarez and Gail Harris (1997);

  • The Grandchild Gap, a one-hour documentary on global demographic trends (1997);

  • Can the States Do It Better? A one-hour special edition of Think Tank on devolving power from Washington back to the states (1996);

  • Affirmative Action: The History of An Idea, a one-hour special edition of Think Tank on the origins, growth and transition of affirmative action programs from the 1960s to the present (1996);

  • A Third Choice, a one-hour PBS history of third parties and independent candidates in American politics (1996);

  • The Hammond Harwood House: A Jewel of Annapolis, a fifteen-minute video tour of this historic Maryland house (1996).

  • The Germans: Portrait of A New Nation, a one-hour PBS documentary marking the fifth anniversary of German reunification (1995);

  • Values Matter Most, a one-hour television essay for PBS based on a book by Ben Wattenberg (1995);

  • Notre Dame: Witness To History, a one-hour documentary on the great French cathedral and the history, literature, and myth that surround it (1995);

  • Labyrinth: The History Of The Maze, a one-hour documentary tracing the development of the maze in religion, art, horticulture, and architecture (1995);

  • Gargoyles: Guardians Of The Gate, a one-hour documentary exploring the legends, architectural significance, and symbolism of gargoyles (1994).

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