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Direct Democracy or Mob Rule?
Aired 9/18/2003

America’s founding fathers conceived of this nation as a republic, that is, governed by representatives and not directly by citizens, which they sometimes referred to quaintly as "the mob." In recent decades there has been an increase in direct democracy. Californians are now taking steps to recall a governor. Nevada may soon follow suit. Between 1975 and 2000 voter initiatives on state ballots more than tripled from 279 to 929. Does this kind of direct democracy - initiative, referendum and recall - undermine leadership or keep representatives responsive to the will of the people?
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  Patrick Basham
    Founding director of the Social Affairs Center at Canada’s Fraser Institute, and now senior fellow with the Cato Institute’s Center for Representative Government
  John Haskell
    Senior fellow with the Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University and author of "Direct Democracy or Representative Government? Dispelling the Populist Myth"

Originally Aired: 9/18/2003

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