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India Ascendent
Aired 7/1/2004

India is the world’s largest democracy with 1.1 billion people. These days India has a vibrant economy and is best known for its advances in information technology and schools that produce world class high-tech personnel. But India has daunting challenges as well. Poverty is endemic despite improvements in recent years. Its bureaucracy struggles with corruption, and a dangerous nuclear standoff with neighboring Pakistan has threatened the entire region. What is in store for India? In the decades to come, could India become the next superpower? And what does that mean for America?
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  Frank Wisner
    Former U.S. Ambassador to India, a 35 year veteran of the State Department, and currently a senior vice chairman at the American International Group.
  Gautam Adhikari
    Former Executive Editor of the Times of India, a consultant with the World Bank, and a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

Originally Aired: 1/22/2004

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