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Spy Wars
Aired 3/25/2004

America has a vast intelligence network--from the CIA and FBI to the National Security Agency. In spite of victories against terrorists and the capture of Saddam Hussein, they are under fire for failures at home on 9/11, and failures abroad, both before and after the Iraq War. Experts say over-reliance on advanced spy technology should be substituted by a new emphasis on first-hand human intelligence. What are the obstacles to gathering credible information on the ground? Are America’s spy agencies configured to fight the war on terror? And are we doing an effective job of preventing new attacks on America?
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  Bill Gertz
    Defense columnist and reporter for the Washington Times and the author of Breakdown: The Failure of American Intelligence to Defeat Global Terror.
  Ronald Kessler
    Former investigative reporter for the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, and the author of The CIA at War: Inside the Secret Campaign Against Terror.

Originally Aired: 3/25/2004

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