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Tom Wolfe and the Derriere Guard
Aired 12/27/2007

For over 40 years, Tom Wolfe has challenged the way Americans look at themselves. From hippies to heroes, his funny and insightful writing has explored the cultural landscape. His unconventional style, mixing literary techniques with factual reporting became known as new journalism. He has written a series of brilliant best-selling novels THINK TANK caught up with Tom Wolfe at the tenth anniversary celebration of the Derriere Guard Tom Wolfe was drawn to the groupís critique of hyper modernist art and became an enthusiastic supporter, so much so, that he delivered their first keynote address in 1997 and returned to do it again a decade later After his speech, we sat down with Wolfe to find out about the Derriere Garde, the art establishment and the politics of writing.
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  Tom Wolfe
    Amerian Writer

Originally Aired: 12/27/2007

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