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Does Affirmative Action Divide Us or Unite Us?
Aired 7/28/1995

Affirmative action has taken center stage in the current political debate. Now, is affirmative action necessary to correct historical wrongs against minorities and women, or is it a racial and gender spoils system that is dividing America?
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  Glen Loury
    professor of economics at Boston University
  Chris Edley
    professor at Harvard University School of Law, recent head of President Clinton’s task force on affirmative action
  Ronald Walters
    director of the African American Leadership Institute at the University of Maryland, and author of "Freedom Is Not Enough: Black Voters, Black Candidates, and American Presidential Politics."
  Linda Chavez
    president of the Center for Equal Opportunity, author of Out of the Barrio: Toward a New Politics of Hispanic Assimilation

Originally Aired: 7/28/1995

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