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Is The Business Cycle Out of Business?
Aired 2/24/2000

Think Tank examines the longest economic expansion in U.S. history. This February marks our economy’s 107th consecutive month of growth, breaking the previous record of the 1960s. Does this mean there is something fundamentally different about how the American economy works? Do higher growth rates and less volatility mean no more recessions? Or is all this optimism premature?
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  Anirvan Banerji
    co-director of research at the Economic Cycle Research Institute
  Knight Kiplinger
    editor of The Kiplinger Letter and author of “World Boom Ahead: Why Business and Consumers Will Prosper”
  Steven Weber
    associate professor of political science at the University of California at Berkeley and author of an influential Foreign Affairs article, “The End of the Business Cycle?”

Originally Aired: 2/24/2000

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