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  Are we protecting the land for Americans or from Americans? main page
Are we protecting the land for Americans or from Americans?
Aired 2/15/2001

This week, Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg takes a hard look at the purpose and effectiveness of federal land policy. Bill Clinton, in his final days as president, put 58 million acres of federal land off-limits to development, even road-building. Congressional Republicans from Western states were outraged. Conserving America's land resources has been a government concern since the days of Theodore Roosevelt in the early part of the 20th century. But federal land agencies, long regarded as models of effective scientific management, now control fully one-third of the land in the United States and are increasingly embroiled in controversy. Environmentalists say government has a moral imperative to protect the nation's wildlife and wilderness. Critics say eco-activists in government are, in effect, fencing off federal land and telling the public to "keep out." What's going on?
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  Robert Nelson
    professor of public policy at the University of Maryland, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and author of "A Burning Issue: A Case for Abolishing the U.S. Forest Service"
  Roger Sedjo
    director of Forest Economics and Policy at Resources for the Future, and editor of "A Vision for the U.S. Forest Service: Goals for Its Next Century"
  Al Sample
    president of the Pinchot Institute for Conservation and author of "Land Stewardship in the Next Era of Conservation"

Originally Aired: 2/15/2001

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