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Do the liberal arts need saving?
Aired 4/5/2001

This week, Think Tank looks at the current controversy over higher education. At the beginning of the 20th century only a small minority of young people continued their education past high school. For most of those, a liberal arts education steeped in classical literature, foreign languages, and mathematics was seen as a rite of passage. Today, despite a greatly expanded student population, the numbers of students choosing an old-fashioned liberal arts education have declined. Instead, with college costs going up sharply, most are pursuing an education that will put them directly into a job. Is this as it should be? Or are we dumbing down America?
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  Josiah Bunting
    superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute and author of "An Education for Our Time"
  George Dennis O'Brien
    president emeritus, University of Rochester, and author of "All the Essential Half-Truths about Higher Education"
  Jane Margaret O'Brien
    president of St. Mary's College of Maryland
  Richard Hersh
    senior fellow with the RAND Council for Aid to Education and former president, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Originally Aired: 4/5/2001

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