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  A New Era In U.S. - Mexico Relations? main page
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A New Era In U.S. - Mexico Relations?
Aired 8/30/2001

This week, Think Tank visits Claremont, California, to explore the changing relations between the U.S. and Mexico. More immigrants come to America from Mexico than from any other country. The latest census data shows that Americaís Hispanic population -- mostly Mexicans -- grew by nearly 60% in the last decade and is expected to continue to grow in the years to come. A convergence of events -- a new government in Mexico headed by Vicente Fox and the election of former Texas governor George W. Bush -- is prompting new thinking on US-Mexico relations. Is Mexican immigration a boon to America or a problem? Will America and Mexico someday have a truly open border?
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  Jorge Bustamente
    president of El Colegio de la Frontera Norte in Tijuana, Mexico and author of a recent study on migration between Mexico and the United States
  Peter Skerry
    professor of government at Claremont McKenna College, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, and author of Counting on the Census? Race, Group Identity, and the Evasion of Politics
  Mark Krikorian
    executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies

Originally Aired: 5/17/2001

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