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  Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America main page
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Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America
Aired 10/4/2001

In May of 1831, twenty-six year-old Alexis de Tocqueville landed in Newport, Rhode Island, then a city of fewer than 16,000 residents. From there he began a ten-month journey across America. Tocqueville sought to answer the political riddle of the era: Why was it that democracy flourished in America? What was the secret of American success, and could it be brought home to France, where Tocqueville’s own aristocratic family had been jailed during the French revolution of 1789. Tocqueville’s observations on the American experiment in Democracy, and his predictions for its future, are considered among the most insightful and prophetic ever recorded. Can we still learn something about democracy from a twenty-six-year-old, French aristocrat who visited America a hundred and seventy years ago?
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  Harvey Mansfield
    Harvard University professor of government; author and translator of the most recent English edition of Tocqueville’s Democracy in America

Originally Aired: 10/4/2001

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