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Population Explosion or Birth Dearth? Part I
Aired 11/27/2003

This week, Think Tank is at the United Nations in New York City, where demographers from all over the world gathered to rethink estimates of future world population growth. For many decades, most of the talk has been about a population explosion, but now the UN has come out with a new set of projections that indicate much slower rates of population growth, that eventually could lead to a reduction in total population. Think Tank asks how low will it go?
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  Alaka Basu
    Harvard Center of Population and Development Studies
  Joseph Chamie
    Director of the United Nations Population Division, which produces World Population Prospects, and the author of Religion and Fertility
  Riad Tabarrah
    Director of the Center for Development Studies and Projects in Beirut, Lebanon

Originally Aired: 4/4/2002

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