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  Emerging Technologies That Will Help Create The Car Of The Future main page
Emerging Technologies That Will Help Create The Car Of The Future
Aired 6/20/2002

In the year 2000, 88 percent of all workers went to work in a private car; 56 percent of the driving in America is now done in congested traffic. Gas prices have become a national security interest. And although air quality has been improving since the 1970s, the role of auto exhaust in air pollution is still a subject of heated debate. Corporate and university researchers are struggling to address these issues with an array of new technologies. Cars that communicate with each other and the roads they drive on. Dashboard internet monitors. High-speed public transit. And even an entirely different way of powering the family car. What’s on the drawing board? To find out, Think Tank visited the National Fuel Cell Research Center at the University of California at Irvine.
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  Jim Motavalli
    editor of E: The Environment Magazine and author of "Breaking the Gridlock: Moving Toward Transportation That Works" and "Forward Drive: The Race to Build Clean Cars for the Future"
  Michael McNally
    associate professor of civil engineering and director of the Transportation Science Program at the University of California at Irvine
  James Elliott Moore
    professor of civil engineering and public policy at the University of Southern California and associate director of the National Center for Metropolitan Transportation Research.

Originally Aired: 6/20/2002

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