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  1. Programs for Struggling Teens: Substance Abuse Courts

    treatment provider to earn a dismissal of the delinquency charge.  A second SAC program provides ... in the court process by probation officers, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges.  Defendants charged ...

  2. The Effectiveness of Programs for Struggling Teens

    charges. In addition to depriving teens of the most effective services and interventions, and sometimes ...

  3. 5 Lessons I Learned From My Vacuum Cleaner

    this piece of technology is this: It monitors it's battery charge and identifies when it needs to recharge ...

  4. Programs for Struggling Teens: Ideal Features- Part II

    schools, camps, ranches and treatment centers are offering exceptional services in affordable charges ...

  5. Parenting Begins Long Before Baby Arrives

    self-reflection might allow us to mindfully disentangle during a highly charged maternal moment ...

  6. Zen Bite: The Road to Enlightenment

    prefer to charge to the top (Rinzai Zen), and others who opt to take their time (Soto Zen). Either way ...

  7. Abuses in Programs for Struggling Teens: The Legacy of Scandal

    !!! It was charging parents roughly $6400 a month-- some of it paid by taxpayers via IDEA funding for students ...

  8. Resilience in Late Bloomers: The Case of Michael Maddaus

    Ann Masten Ph.D. Who would have predicted that a teenager growing up in Minneapolis in a chaotic family with alcoholism and violence, arrested two dozen times, barely attending school, with no plans for any productive career would grow up to be a well-known surgeon in charge of training new ...

  9. Finding Services and Programs

    the local public school system.  Educational advocates charge parents a fee and work with local, state ... ’s needs.  Educational consultants specialize in working with parents who have a struggling teen; charge ... that provides this service free of charge.  A social worker in a state public child welfare agency may be able ...

  10. Finding Skilled Educational Consultants

    the educational consultant charge by the hour or by the placement? Does the educational consultant have any ...