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This section of our site offers profiles of Coach Stringer and her players in the 2000-2001 season, as well as Coach Stringer’s assistant coaches and staff that year. We have excerpted these profiles from the Rutgers Scarlet Knights 2000-2001 Women’s Basketball Media Guides and the 2003 Rutgers University web site. Use this section to learn about the personalities within the Scarlet Knights community, and to explore the many skills required to get a team ready and onto a court for a game.

Click on a photo to learn what each coach contributed to the Scarlet Knights, and how they learned their profession.

C. Vivian Stringer

You may know them only as the people with clipboards pacing at the sidelines of a game, but a coach and her assistants are responsible for every aspect of assembling a team and making it run. That can include game-specific tasks like recruiting and training players, as well as more mundane ones like scheduling games, making travel arrangements, and even doing bed-checks on the night before a contest. Coaches at the college level are also often mentors to their student-athletes. Coach Stringer’s achievements in this role have been widely acknowledged in the NCAA.


The Scarlet Knights Players in the 2000-2001 Season
Click on a photo above to read that individual’s profile.

Here they are, the young women who made up Coach Stringer’s formidable team in the 2000-2001 season. We have paired excerpts of their pre-season profiles with their post-season profiles (from just before the Big East conference), so that you can compare what was expected of each player and how she fared.


Click on a photo to learn how each staff member contributed to the Scarlet Knights.

Their titles tell the whole story. Behind the scenes, these individuals made sure the Scarlet Knights players stayed healthy, grew strong, completed their studies and got where they needed to go in 2000-2001. Read their job descriptions and learn just how all-encompassing the NCAA Division I athletic programs are today.





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