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Those who are cared for, whether by family, volunteers or professionals, share many common concerns. Here's where you can share your experiences, seek help and offer support.

Vivian of Brick, NJ writes:
There's so much fear of being exposed to those that would hurt us rather than help us that it's hard for those who want to do good to find the ones who are lonely like ourselves. We could be the company for each other if there was a way for people to be screened first. This is a greatly needed program of some kind.

So many of us are alone and just finding company would make our lives much more living. I have always hated being alone and since my husband died I've spent more time alone in these past 4 years than I have in my entire life. Without this computer I have no idea how I could have survived.

Smoking, which I cannot, and don't want to, give up has taken more from me than any other single vice. I do none of the things I could because of it. Senior stuff galore I get no benefit from and no sympathy either. Just told to quit.

Richard of Winamac, IN:
I am one who has ALS. I want to thank everyone who has done anything to help any of us. I want to give a special thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the caregivers. We all appreciate your struggles and your assistance. We don't thank you enough. We can't thank you enough for your support. This thanks is from the ones you care for. They thank you every hour even if you can't hear them.

Debbi of Fullerton, CA:
I constantly feel like a burden. I know they all have families and lives. I fell lonely, guilty, and pathetic. But I have no answers either.

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