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With an aging population and worsening budget pressures, the volunteer is an increasingly vital link in our caregiving system. Howard Frushtick, 68, is a retired salesman in Atlanta. He volunteers regularly at Jewish Family and Career Services in Atlanta. He was interviewed by Dale Bell.

Basically I'm retired, but I enjoy people and it's my time to help, that's all. I enjoy being with Doug, (for example). Doug wants to live independently, of course he's limited to certain things. Okay Doug, I'm going to sit here, and wait for you to get your stuff ready and we'll do our checks. We'll do everything.

I spend about six hours a week with him. It's a win situation for everybody. Why am I doing this? It really started out when I took care of my wife, who has Alzheimer's. She's in a facility, but I did have her at home for about four or five years, taking care of her.

Howard volunteers to entertain at nursing homes and assisted living residences.

I love to dance -- cheapest evening in the world. I love being around people. It's the best thing for me. It keeps me out of my misery. It gives me a lot of happiness. I make a lot of people smile, a lot of people laugh. I dance with little old ladies in wheelchairs and hold their hands, I just go like this and I smile. It makes you feel so good.

I don't feel I was born to this, but I developed into it. I have to be around people, thatís what keeps me going, getting on with myself.


Volunteering to help the chronically ill is beneficial to both parties. In our Volunteerism Forum, we're discussing ways you can help ... and ways you can recruit volunteers in your community.

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Howard dancing

Howard Frushtick


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