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Equality Study; Planned Parenthood; Anne-Marie Slaughter

Equality Study; Planned Parenthood; Anne-Marie Slaughter

Equality Study: A LeanIn.Org / McKinsey study looks at why women aren't equal in American corporations. Planned Parenthood: ...


TTC Extra: Teen Dating

TTC Extra: Teen Dating

According to Pew Research, teenagers are less inter-personally connected in relationships. One fourth of Americans meet ...


Who Was America's First Female Presidential Candidate?

October 07, 2015

By Neil Katz

As Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina try to elbow their way toward their political parties’ nominations, one may wonder: Who was the first woman to run for president?

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Doris Duke Takes Another Step

October 06, 2015 Doris Duke Takes Another Step

by Sallie Bingham

From the series: Doris Duke

You can find out more about my next book, working title Doris Duke: The Invention of the New Women, on my dedicated Doris Duke bibliography page.

After three and a half, soon four years, my biography of Doris Duke is moving slowly but steadily toward a publication date next spring. I wonder what she would think if she could sit at the breakfast table this morning with my editor and me and talk about who the book’s readers will be.

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Women's News

Leno: No Joke, Late Night Needs Diversity

October 07, 2015  | Read More »

Jay Leno said Wednesday that late night television is missing something: women and minority hosts. The former "Tonight" host made the comment in response to a question on CNBC's "Squawk Box" about whether new CBS "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert's push to book business executives on the show could draw audiences.

How Women Are Taking A Stand Against Sexism In Hollywood

October 07, 2015  | Read More »

When Ashley Judd was making Paramount's "Kiss the Girls" in the late '90s, she was being pursued by a mogul from a rival studio, whom she believed wanted to cast her in a film. But suddenly she found herself falling into a dark trap.

Egypt's Women-Only Taxi Service Promises Protection From Male Drivers

October 07, 2015  | Read More »

Egypt’s Pink Taxi – a new service marketed as a safe way for women to travel in Cairo, where sexual harassment and assaults have become increasingly commonplace – is surprisingly neither pink, nor a taxi.

ISIS 'Forced Pregnant Yazidi Women To Have Abortions'

October 07, 2015  | Read More »

Dohuk, Iraq (CNN)ISIS militants forced pregnant women they had sold into slavery to have abortions, according to three young Yazidis who escaped from the Islamic militants' brutal clutches.

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