September 06, 2019

This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, our panelists discuss the #MeToo movement, the impact of caregiving on women in the workforce, and the Afghan peace deal.

On the panel this week joining host Bonnie Erbe is: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC); Rina Shah, Republican Strategist; Ann Stone, Co-Founder, Women For Trump; Megan Beyer, Wilson Center, Women In Public Service.

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Progress of #MeToo

As allegations emerge against Placido Domingo, we ask: how effective has the #MeToo movement been?

  • Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton: 7:50 “Women are gonna have to spe p in time and that takes a lot of guts. So they wait and then either it is too late to file a lawsuit, or you can’t prove it. He said, she said. And that is the basic problem here. This is an unwitnessed offense so how do you do anything about it except with a movement like the MeToo movement?”

  • Rina Shah: 5:46 “This is about women feeling safe enough to speak up and speak the truth about how they’ve been treated at the hands of a superior for example, or somebody in the position of power.” 10:02 “‘The boys will be boys behavior’ I think is phasing out. And that’s one of the things I saw most at play with the Kavanaugh debacle”

  • Megan Beyer: 3:50 “#MeToo has been successful. This month, the House is going to pass a bill that’s going to ban this forced arbitration that silences women and doesn’t allow them to file lawsuits.”

  • Ann Stone: 8:56 “There is now a whole thing of the Mike Pence syndrome where corporate executives, political, everybody is now afraid to go to dinner with a woman by themselves. So they are taking a second person because of this.”

  • Bonnie Erbe: 12:37 “How many more thousands of men will have to be outed and sue for defamation before we feel like the MeToo movement has been a success?


Women are forced out of the workforce by the need to care for family members.

  • Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton: 16:25 “First, we have no childcare. Now, we have no elder care. What kind of society is this? We don’t take care of our most vulnerable at both ends of the spectrum.”

  • Rina Shah: 13:5 “This situation is so personal to me, because I took care of my aging father... But the help that we got from my husband, my brother, even the joy of my children to my father in his last days. That was really big. And I really hope we can strengthen the American family by taking care of our own.”

  • Megan Beyer: 18:43 “It's so sad when you look at women in the workforce. They’ve had so many problems to overcome. From harassment to low pay... and a critical time is when you have children.”

  • Ann Stone: 15:22 “Decades ago we knew two things: we need more teachers and more people in healthcare, because we saw, babyboomers, the largest part of the population, was going to reach [old age].”

  • Bonnie Erbe: 17:00 “Is telecommuting working to solve some of this shortage?”

Afghan Peace Deal

Rep. Lois Frankel (D-FL) says women should be included.

  • Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton: 24:05 “The key to getting hold of the Taliban is making sure Afghani women, who are central to peace, are included not only at the bargaining table but in the agreement.”

  • Rina Shah: 27:10 “It’s been so many years. In my generation, I can tell you, there’s a sense that this war has been forgotten, that our establishment over there has been forgotten. So what are our taxpayer dollars doing there? The Taliban does not want peace. Extremism is on the rise the world over. I think there’s something much more sinister at play here.”

  • Megan Beyer: 23:05 “well I just think we have to draw as much attention as we can to the fact that women aren’t at the peace table”

  • Ann Stone: 23:52 “Women are supposed to be at the peace table. Bottom line. End of discussion. Archaic society? The Taliban is a recent invention.”

  • Bonnie Erbe: 24:15 “Former Defense Sec. Mattis just wrote a book saying that you have to keep troops [in Afghanistan] if you want agreements adhered to.”

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