November 22, 2019

This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, our panelists discuss the difference in opinion between men and women on Trump’s impeachment inquiry, Jane Fonda’s fight for environmental justice and the #MeToo movement’s impact within corporations. 

On the panel this week joining host Bonnie Erbe is: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC); Megan Beyer, Women for Biden; Patrice Onwuka, Senior Policy Analyst, Independent Women’s Voice; Sabrina Schaeffer, Senior Director, White House Writers Group

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Impeachment Inquiry

Women support the impeachment of Trump more than men do.

  • Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton: “Isn’t it interesting how many women came forward as authoritative, credible witnesses? America saw women who understood what was happening, who were unafraid to come forward [...] Remember they’re in the Trump administration, [the president said] that they should not come.”

  • Sabrina Schaeffer: When people voted, when women voted for Trump, they knew he was a far from perfect person, right? And so more information about how he may have been involved with sort of bad behavior doesn’t necessarily get them to change their behavior because they already know this.”

  • Bonnie Erbe: “How could anyone be more outraged than after hearing that access Hollywood tape of him talking about, you know, they love it when you grab a woman’s genitals”

  • Megan Beyer:  “And when you think about it, women have seen this president accused multiple times of sexual assaults, there have been no consequences. I’m not surprised they want to see him on trial”

  • Patrice Onwuka:  “I think women’s support [for Trump] may drop, but not as much as we think despite the impeachment”

Fire Drill Fridays

Jane Fonda joins young activists to protest against climate change.

  • Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton:  “A lot of us won't be around to see the climate collapse on our heads, so it really does seem to me very very important so I am surprised that we haven’t heard more... listen to your president who even recently said he didn’t believe in it”

  • Sabrina Schaeffer: “My concern is when we have these marches is that it sort of glosses over things that are happening and sort of the details. So, you know, I was looking at all of the policies that have actually gone into effect around the world because lots of countries are trying to do things a private market is trying to do things, and it’s not perfect. I don’t agree with all of these policies, but we’ve, in effect, put coal out of business here in America and in Canada.”

  • Bonnie Erbe: “It is gone out of favor because its expensive and because middle America wants clean air for their children to breathe”

  • Megan Beyer: “I was lucky enough to interview her at a conference that we did right after she was arrested the first time and I said, why are you doing this, Jane? You’re 82 years old. And she said ‘you know, Megan, when i saw little Greta Thunberg and how everyone attacked her and that she was speaking from her heart and ...  she had all the facts ... a young person worried about their future. All I could think of was, I want to help her.’ And it felt to me, she maybe saw herself a little bit”

  • Patrice Onwuka: “I think there is an elitism from a lot of celebrities trying to let - they say they’re lending their star power to these issues. And I don’t think they actually win people over, maybe they just hype up those already on their side”

#MeToo & The C-Suite

CEOs held accountable for sexual misconduct, but women still failing to reach higher representation in the S&P 500

  • Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton: “When these to executives are exposed by women way below them, they have to go”

  • Sabrina Schaeffer: “I think it’s extremely important to be able to call out people who have bad behavior and bad actions, absolutely. I don’t think that women’s success in the C suite is necessarily tied. It’s correlated, perhaps, but it’s not directly connected to and I think we need to be careful not to say that men’s losses are womens gains”

  • Bonnie Erbe: “Do you see a correlation between bringing the CEOs down due to MeToo kind of behaviors and fewer women CEOs? The number is tumbling from 27 to 22 in one year.”

  • Megan Beyer: “After all this time, I’ve never been for quotas. In the last five years, I’m like, all we can do is quotas, because we’re 51 in the world on gender equality, according to the World Economic Forum.”

  • Patrice Onwuka: “, their survey found that over 40 percent of male managers don’t want to have solo meetings, don’t want to socialize, or don’t want to mentor and we understand that for the pipeline for women into C-Suites it’s going to come through mentorship.”

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