September 06, 2013

This week on To The Contrary, our panelists discuss a surprising age split over Obamacare, why mixed-race couples may be marriage averse, and whether we'll see a woman elected President in 2016.

On the panel this week: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), Democratic Commentator Megan Beyer, Red Alert Politics Editor Francesca Chambers, and The Heritage Foundation’s Genevieve Wood.

Here are some of their thoughts:



Del. Norton: Young people have "[ignored] the 40th Republican repeal of Healthcare and [decided] that Obamacare is good for your health.

Genevieve Wood: "Obamacare is not free healthcare. It’s costing far more, everywhere you look, than Obama promised.”

Francesca Chambers says she'd rather pay the $95 fee to opt out of Obamacare than pay $75 a month to enroll.

Megan Beyer: "[Obamacare] is going to succeed or fail based on what these young, healthy people do.”


Interracial Couples

Francesca Chambers thinks that interracial couples not getting married as often as others "is much more of a cultural issue than a racial issue"

Del. Norton: "Most people still are looking for mates within their own culture, which means their own racial group for this country.”

Megan Beyer: "I love the fact that the relationships young people have [are chosen] without looking at race.”

Genevieve Wood: “I don’t think its a great trend that everybody’s living together as opposed to marrying, no matter what color you are.”

Madam President

Emily's List is a pro-choice PAC trying to get a Democratic woman elected to the presidency in 2016.

Megan Bayer: “What I love about Emily’s List is that we really need women to have each other’s backs.”

Genevieve Wood: The Susan B. Anthony List tries to identify conservative female candidates for president.”

Francesca Chambers says that while the Republican party previously had not done a great job of recruiting women, it's doing much better now.

Del. Norton: "Poor Republicans. Until they have policy that will attract more women, they're going to have a weak bench [of women candidates.]"
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