September 27, 2013
To The Contrary Panel To The Contrary Panel

This week on To The Contrary, our panelists discuss the Catholic Church's role in society, a former nun who says the Church should reconsider celibacy, and the gap between men and women when it comes to political donations.

On the panel this week: Former Bush White House Aide Mercedes Viana Schlapp, Progressive Commentator Patricia Sosa, Conservative Commentator Darlene Kennedy, Author and Political Analyst Lara Brown

Here are some of their thoughts:


Catholic Church & Social Issues
The pope made comments condeming abortion a week after saying the Church should not focus on divisive social issues.
Patricia Sosa: "i think Pope Francis wants to have his cake and eat it too, and only time will tell if he can get away with it."
Darlene Kennedy: "[The pope’s] intent in the comment was to say that there are many issues that we have to address in the Catholic Church.”
Lara Brown: "The pope was trying to contextualize the abortion debate within the larger conversation of all of the Church’s teachings."
Mercedes Viana Schlapp: "The pope’s got the right tone, and that’s something that’s been missing in the Catholic Church for a long time."
An Unquenchable Thirst
Author Mary Johnson's book discusses celibacy in the Catholic Church.
Patricia Sosa: "Kudos to Mary Johnson for telling the story [and talking about] what it means to try and live a celibate life."
Mercedes Vianaa Schalpp on celibacy: "The priest is there on-call for you" when others may have their attention "divided" with family commitments.
Lara Brown: "When human beings are in control of what it means to be faithful to God, there are these really huge problems."
DarleneKennedy: "The rule of celibacy is not part of the dogma [of the Catholic Church], it is a tradition."
Donor Gap
Women trail men in terms of political donations.
Lara Brown: on why women don't donate as much: "They tend not to be strategic and they tend to be more risk-averse than men. "
Darlene Kennedy: "Let’s not forget women who are in partnerships... maybe they as a couple agree, and they’re donating together."
Mercedes Viana Schlapp: "We have to engage women and say, 'Look, you donate, you get the candidates you want in office.'"
Patricia Sosa: "There’s a whole network of Latinas that are out there that are networking and donating and are very active"
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