October 25, 2013

This week on To The Contrary, our panelists discuss the first-of-its-kind case on Alicia Beltran against Wisconsin's Fetal Protection Law; how Google autocomplete suggests more prejudice against women, and the new NGA Chair Gov. Mary Fallin and her Educational Initiative.

On the panel this week: Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), Spike the Watercooler Founder Marjorie Clifton, The Heritage Foundation’s Jennifer Marshall, Red Alert Politics Editor Francesca Chambers

Here are some of their thoughts:

Fetus vs. Woman
First-of-its-kind case on Alicia Beltran against Wisconsin's Fetal Protection Law.
  • Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton: "Back to the drawing board. Got to be a better way to protect fetuses than by punishing the woman."

  • Jennifer Marshall: "We shouldn’t pit the health and welfare of the mother against the health and welfare of the unborn child."

  • Marjorie Clifton: "Anything that discourages women from being honest with their doctors in getting prenatal care presents a problem."

  • Francesca Chambers: "At the heart of the issue...it just seems that the law wasn’t properly enforced."

UN Women Ad Campaign
Google autocomplete suggests more prejudice against women.
  • Marjorie Clifton says Google is “something that has opened the doors to women across the world, but also very reflective of attitudes.”

  • Francesca Chambers: "I know a lot of young women in my generation probably have no idea of what women in these other countries are facing.

  • Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton: "I do think it would be helpful...to know where these responses are coming from."

  • Jennifer Marshall: "Count me a skeptic on this one. Whenever I type something into google, it’s always a bizarre pattern!"

Governor Mary Fallin
The new NGA Chair and her Educational Initiative.
  • Francesca Chambers:  Gov. Fallin, “had a brand-new baby when she ran for office, how impressive is that?!”

  • Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton: "becoming chair of the NGA will help Gov. Fallin to begin to think more broadly, and I applaud her.”

  • Jennifer Marshall says Gov. Fallin “has been a champion of educational choice.”

  • Marjorie Cliffton on Gov. Fallin: “More female governors on the rise...will be a really important stepping stone.”


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