November 01, 2013

This week on To The Contrary, our panelists discuss sexual assault on college campuses, a surprising new survey on how men and women define “having it all,” and Phyllis Chesler's new book, An American Bride in Kabul.

On the panel this week: Red Alert Politics Francesca Chambers, Heritage Foundation’s Genevieve Wood, Avis Jones DeWeever (host of Focus Point), and journalist Anushay Hossain.

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Sexual Assault on College Campuses:


  • Avis Jones DeWeever: "Any time your anti-rape message is to look at the behavior of the victim instead of the perpetrator, it’s...sexist."
  • Genevieve Wood says parents of college kids, “should be going in and looking at the crime statistics of that campus.”
  • Anushay Hossain: "It’s completely dismissive of...intimate partner violence, which is off-the-charts on campuses."
  • Francesca Chambers: "I’m not saying they’re at fault...but there are things [women] can do to stop this from happening."


Survey on How Men and Women Define "Success":


  • Francesca Chambers: "I think this is a result of society saying, ‘Lean in!’...More power to you if you want to have a career!"
  • Anushay Hossain: "Men are more involved and invested in their families and the caretaking roles."
  • Avis Jones DeWeever: "Men want to have the flexibility to also be able to spend time with their children."
  • Genevieve Wood: "Even if there’s flexibility...if you’re going to be senior executive somewhere, it is tough not to be on-call."

Phyllis Chesler's new book, An American Bride in Kabul:


  • Anushay Hossain: "The only thing [Phyllis Chesler’s story] does effectively is perpetuate negative, scary stereotypes."
  • Genevieve Wood: "Doesn’t mean you’re casting a stone at everybody...nothing better than a personal story to make people engage."
  • Francesca Chambers: "She also was telling a story...that happened decades ago that was her experience."


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