November 22, 2013
This week on To The Contrary, our panelists discuss Men and Violence - Nature vs. Nurture, the Cheney Sisters Gay Marriage Dispute, and Child Brides in India.

Our panel this week is: Rep. Donna Edwards (MD), National Network to End Domestic Violence’s Kim Gandy, Conservative Commentator Darlene Kennedy, Republican Strategist Rina Shah.
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Men and Violence - Nature vs. Nurture:

  • Rep. Donna Edwards: "Violence is a learned behavior [but] we also know it can be unlearned."
  • Kim Gandy: "Testosterone may make a person more inclined to aggression, but the decision is made by the individual."
  • Rina Shah: "Entertainment, sports, these kinds of things have shown men as the aggressors, and women are shown to be weaker."
  • Darlene Kennedy: "There's no question; it's environment that makes men more violent."

Cheney Sisters Gay Marriage Dispute:

  • Darlene Kennedy:  "[Liz Cheney] can love her sister and not agree with the situation."
  • Rep. Donna Edwards: (on Liz Cheney)  Authenticity is actually really important to voters, whether or not they agree with you and what you believe."
  • Rina Shah: "Part of being authentic is how well you can represent the area...the bigger issue here is [Liz Cheney's] residency."
  • Kim Gandy: "Maybe Mary was trying to give Liz a leg up by making it look like she was more solidly conservative."

Child Brides in India:

  • Rina Shah: "Fathers often feel that daughters...if they are wedded before maturity, then they’ll be protected from abuse."
  • Rep. Donna Edwards: "Hillary Clinton was really on to something...talking about the power of investing in girl’s education."
  • Darlene Kennedy: "I’m sure that not too many parents will support their children...they want to get rid of the liability."
  • Kim Gandy: "A girl who has education may be able to get a job and bring money into the family, therefore making her not a liability." 


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