February 07, 2014

This week on To The Contrary, our panelists discuss gay rights at the Winter Olympics. the Vatican under fire again. and The EEOC's struggle against workplace discrimination.

PANEL: IWF’s Hadley Heath, Progressive Commentator Anushay Hossain, Democratic Strategist Hilary Rosen,  Red Alert Politics Editor Francesca Chambers
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Sochi & LGBT

Controversy continues at the Winter Olympics over Russia's anti-gay policies.

  • Hadley Heath: “It’s an issue of free speech and being able to speak on political dissidence."
  • Hilary Rosen: “As an LGBT activist... we don’t want to hijack [the Olympic athletes'] moment with politics”
  • Francesca Chambers: "It’s not that they aren’t doing enough about LGBT rights, they’re not doing enough generally to condemn Russia’s Human Rights Crisis all across the board, ahead of these Olympics.”
  • Anushay Hossain: “I think the US government can do more to highlight this issue and this huge discrimination case."


Vatican vs. United Nations

The UN blasted the Vatican over the terrible conditions at the Magdalene laundries.
  • Francesca Chambers: “I think the fact is they didn’t look into this for so long, for so many years. It’s been nearly 20 years since they’ve done an investigation and that’s why this issue is still alive.  ”
  • Hadley Heath: “There are scores of homes. For every one example of sex abuse, there are Christian homes that will take in single mothers with open arms, that will provide the help these women need."
  • Hilary Rosen: “[The priests' conduct at the Magdalene laundries] is such an unfortunate, classic, abuse of power.”
  • Anushay Hossain: “I’m very, very hopeful that hopefully Pope Francis will address this issue. He’s done a really good job so far of addressing child sex abuse claims and scandals throughout the church."
Commissioner Chai Feldblum says the EEOC is working to end workplace discrimination
  • Hadley Heath: "Sex discrimination is real and persistent and we have laws to address it.”"
  • Hilary Rosen: “This is why elections matter, because the majority of the women appointees were appointed by President Obama.” 
  • Francesca Chambers: "if you’re at a certain type of organization maybe it would be unprofessional and inappropriate to have someone out there crossdressing. Maybe you wouldn’t want to hire someone who’s 6 months pregnant.”
  • Anushay Hossain: “I hope that having five women on this committee will make them a little bit more sensitive, and also, aware of the discriminations that women have to face,day in and day out, in the workforce.”
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