February 14, 2014


This week on To The Contrary, our panelists discuss Wendy Davis's newest statements on abortion, new data on women-owned companies, and Jane Pauley's invitation to reinvent yourself.

PANEL: Former President and CEO of the Women's Campaign Fund Sam Bennett, Heritage Foundation’s Jennifer Marshall, Danielle Moodie-Mills of the Center for American Progress, Political Strategist Rina Shah
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Wendy Davis

The pro-choice hero's newest statements have raised controversy.

  • Danielle Moodie-Mills: “Nobody’s pro-abortion, everyone’s pro a woman’s choice” 
  • Jennifer Marshall: “I wish Wendy Davis were becoming more pro-life but these exceptions that she’s proposing are the kinds of poisoned pills that have been used to try to undermine pro-life laws.”
  • Sam Bennett: "I think it's a red herring being used to undermine her very viable candidacy for governor."
  • Rina Shah: "There's an age-old saying in politics, 'if you don't have a proper constituency, do anything it takes to find one. I think this move is doing exactly that."

Women-Owned Businesses

New data shows women-owned businesses outsurvive male-owned in certain areas.
  • Rina Shah: "It's a sign of times to come, with more young women like me becoming enterpreneurs."
  • Bonnie Erbe: “Sometimes that’s not good.  I mean sometimes you miss the curve and you miss the wave.”
  • Sam Bennett: “All the research shows that ... if there are more women on those corporate boards, those corporations will do better and be more profitable.”
  • Danielle Moodie-Mills: "Women need to start more businesses. Women are 52% of the workforce, so it makes sense that we're starting to trend upward in being owners."
  • Jennifer Marshall: "Men and women do have differences on average. The interaction of those is important for the economy, the home, the nation."
Jane Pauley
The former news anchor discusses her new book about personal reinvention.
  • Rina Shah:  “I’m always reinventing myself.  Even to day I’ll go back and I’ll thingk to myself what am I doing…what is next for me.” 
  • Danielle Moodie-Mills: "You have to be thinking about the next phase while you're in the current phase."
  • Jennifer Marshall: "We all yearn for a sense of meaning. I appreciate the fact that she uses the word 'calling.' We have been given gifts and it is a mark of gratitude to recognize how we have been created."
  • Sam Bennett: "What I want to do with my next reinvisioning is to take my story so that women accross the country are inspired to run for office."
  • Bonnie Erbe: "Is the younger generation thinking fifty years at the company, you get a golden watch, and thank you, and you go off to your picket fence cottage?"
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