March 28, 2014

This week on To The Contrary, our panelists discuss President Jimmy Carter's take on religion, why marriage rates are in decline, and how women use humor to get through tough times.

PANEL: Sabrina Schaeffer, Executive Director, Independent Women’s Forum, Former Judge and Federal Prosecutor Debra Carnahan, Journalist Anushay Hossain, Republican Commentator Rina Shah
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Carter & Religion

The former president says most religions are sexist.

  • Debra Carnahan: “ “I think women are afraid to speak out against their religion and against their church.”
  • Sabrina Schaeffer: “I think its interesting that he focuses on the Judeo-Christian religion here in the west, and seems to be oddly ignoring real atrocities against women elsewhere in the world.”
  • Anushay Hossain: "So much justification for subjugating women in religion and in our society is provided by these religious texts.”
  • Rina Shah: “I think a lot of people incorrectly interpret religious teachings and use that as a crutch to say that religion is always sexist.”
  • Bonnie Erbe: “Women are the backbones of every church. Why aren’t they out there saying 'I’m religious, I believe in God, and I don’t believe in your interpretation of the bible'?”

Marriage & Divorce

Marriage rates are declining, while divorce rates are staying up.

  • Rina Shah: "I know a great many children of divorce, and fortunately they hope to change that. They’re saying, ‘I don’t want to give up, like my parents did’.”
  • Bonnie Erbe: ““The worst thing a woman can do to herself financially and educational wise is have a baby out of wedlock.”.”
  • Anushay Hossain: “"We don't need men for anything. We don't need them for kids. We don't need them to work.  We don't need them for our jobs."
  • Sabrina Schaeffer: “I think the decline in marriage is a serious problem in part because we’re seeing a rise of unmarried mothers who are unfortunately less educate and far less available to take care of a family. ”
  • Debra Carnahan: "“Well. I think we ought to push one government program. and that’s handing out condoms and birth control.”
Cindy Chupack
Women are better-represented behind-the-scenes on TV than in film..
  • Rina Shah:  “Breaking out in both fields is definitely tough."
  • Anushay Hossain: “Hollywood is incredibly sexist. We need to break the celluloid ceiling.
  • Bonnie Erbe: "You have to raise 50 million dollars to do a movie, but you have to, as I did, only raise in the 5 figures to start a TV show."
  • Debra Carnahan: "When you find inequality, or want to find out what’s at the heart of something, follow the money."
  • Sabrina Schaeffer: "I watched the Oscars this year and it was women from music, to sets, to actors, everyone was a woman. So I feel very positive about this picture.."
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