April 17, 2014
Host, Bonnie Erbe' Host, Bonnie Erbe'

I watched an important, at times enthralling web session hosted by the Clinton Global Initiative this afternoon. Secretary Hillary Clinton was joined by her daughter, Chelsea and actress America Ferrera, as well as by live remotes from across the country with girls schools and Girls Clubs. http://bit.ly/1pdoYv0  It's part of a series of meetings and webcasts called No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project. Hillary Clinton was in fine form, giving wise and motherly advice to the up-and-comers. She said nothing controversial. Her biggest push seemed to be to try to get girls to give up young women's need for perfection. She told them, give it your best, and it may not be perfect, but "good" will do just fine. It reminded me of the saying, "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good."

Why, you might ask, could that come back to hurt her if she runs for office? Just last week we interviewed famed Democratc pollster Celinda Lake. (For balance we reached out to famous Republican Pollster and To the Contrary panelist Kellyanne Conway, but she was unavailable.) The topic was, "Why women won't vote for women." Celinda told us just about everything trumps gender when it comes to women's voting patterns. She started out by saying party trumps gender. Then I asked her, what about race or age or income level? She agreed all those factors are more important to female voters than whether the candidate she supports is another women.

So I hope Sec. Clinton's political opponents won't make a big deal out of her standing up so explicitly for girls.  I love that she does it. I admire the global work she has done to educate more girls, free them from sex trafficking slavery and help women start small businesses in developing nations. But I still fear it could be used against her in 2016. What do you think? Please let us know.