July 03, 2014

This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, our panelists discuss sexism in technology, the ongoing border crisis, and fertility decline.

On the panel this week joining host  Bonnie Erbe is National Network to End Domestic Violence’s President Kim Gandy, Conservative Commentator Darlene Kennedy, DC Congresswoman Del. Norton (D), and Republican Strategist Rina Shah.  

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Sexism in Technology

The dating app Tinder is being sued for harassment and discrimination. It’s just one of a recent wave of sexism scandals hitting the tech industry.

  • Kim Gandy: "There has definitely been a sense that women were not particularly welcome in the high-tech industry..”

  • Darlene Kennedy: "There are women in the tech industry, and they need to be recognized..”

  • Del. Norton: "It’s long been documented that women have a civilizing effect on men, so men - especially young men - without women around, misbehave.”

  • Bonnie Erbe: “I just can’t believe that guys in their 20s now are still being raised thinking they can [sexually harass women], what are their mothers and fathers teaching them?.”

  • Rina Shah: "The low numbers of women in the technology industry, that’s due to the low-number of girls and young women actually going into STEM-related fields.”

Border Crisis

President Barack Obama is requesting two billion dollars to respond to a crisis involving thousands of children crossing the border illegally into the US.

  • Kim Gandy: "There are families in chaotic situations. Many have relatives here. They’re trying to reunite... children with their relatives in the US. They finally gave up on an immigration reform that would let them do that. ”

  • Darlene Kennedy: "We are still trying to get through a recession and joblessness is high, so to have more people coming in and having to deal with [illegal immigration], it does hurt the poor communities.”

  • Del. Norton: "The last people in the world who will believe that that two billion dollars would go for them if it were not going for children who have left chaos..are people of color .”

  • Bonnie Erbe: “What [will people of color] think when they see two billion dollars appear on the horizon that could be going for food stamps, for unemployment for [immigrants]  .”

  • Rina Shah: "It’s a crisis. In six months we saw 53,000 [immigrants come in].”

Fertility Decline

Author and researcher Michael Teitelbaum says the US’s declining fertility rate is no cause for alarm.

  • Kim Gandy: "Increasing the retirement age is one of the reasons why young people are having trouble finding jobs... people are still in those jobs.”

  • Darlene Kennedy: "Well I don’t think this planet is going to run out of people anytime soon. ”

  • Del. Norton: "This is what alarms me... this is global. We’re not just talking about this country. Also what is global is the so-called income gap.”

  • Bonnie Erbe: “Our fertility is 2.1%, it’s actually lower for women born in this country, but because of immigration we get to replacement value.”

  • Rina Shah: "I’m not too alarmed by this. I think it’s natural. We saw something like this happen in the thirties.”

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