August 29, 2014


This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, our panelists discuss President Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s working women agendas, the NFL and U.S. immigration policy towards domestic violence, India’s night shelters children of prostitutes.

On the panel this week joining host  Bonnie Erbe is Progressive Commentator Patricia Sosa, CEO of Women’s Campaign Fund Betsy Mullins, Republican Strategist Rina Shah and Conservative Commentator Darlene Kennedy.

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Obama and Hillary

Should Hillary run against Obama's record on women?

  • Betsy Mullins: "[Hillary] should run on her own record, that’s what she has. She doesn’t need to rely on another president for her record.”

  • Patricia Sosa: "[Obama] was not someone who had experience. [Hillary] has vast experience, and she’s shown that she is a good administrator. She was a good Secretary of State. She was an effective, powerful senator. She is a very effective person in all the jobs that she’s held”

  • Darlene Kennedy: "It’s going to be difficult for [Hillary] to erase the incumbency,  so to speak. She was part of the administration and she’s going to have to answer to the things that happen during it.”

  • Bonnie Erbe: “On Fox News, they’re already calling it ‘Obama’s Third Term.’”

  • Rina Shah: "She’s darned if she does and she’s darned if she doesn’t, if you ask me.”

Domestic Violence

The NFL and US Immigration policy take steps to address domestic violence.

  • Betsy Mullins: "My bigger concern is the overall immigration system and how it is broken right now.  And it’s not just a matter of women suffering from domestic violence, but women are encountering all kinds of problems getting into this country, even when they have a great deal to contribute to the country. ”

  • Patricia Sosa: "Give them credit for reacting so quickly and give credit  to the women that mobilized and put a lot of pressure on the NFL to take a position.”

  • Darlene Kennedy: "I do have one concern about this because I worry about those women who are married to these athletes. WIll they come out and say ‘he did this to me’ at the risk of him losing his career?”

  • Bonnie Erbe: “I heard reactions from, ‘this is great’ to ‘wait a second, there should be a lifetime ban on the first offense. Why wait ‘til the second offense?’”

  • Rina Shah:  "We have a responsibility to help those [women who are abused]. This is a safe harbor for those women, but we don’t want to start things that can open the floodgates in the years to come.”

Night Shelters

Vital Voices honoree Priti Patkar runs night shelters for children of prostitutes in India.

  • Betsy Mullins: "[Birth control] needs to be an ongoing issue when you start looking at this.  But for the children who are already here, I think this is a perfect solution.  It gives them an opportunity that, quite frankly, their mothers never had .”

  • Patricia Sosa: "This story is about the worst of India ... but it’s also about the best of India.  I mean [Priti Patkar].  What a compassionate heart.  How courageous her organization, giving these kids a chance.  It’s a beautiful story.”

  • Darlene Kennedy: "As a child you don’t pick who you’re going to be born to, and it’s unfortunate that these children are having to live this life, but what a compassionate person to give them that opportunity.  I mean that’s what America is about.  Giving opportunity to those who may not have one.”

  • Priti Patkar: “People thought I was mad...that...we were encouraging prostitutes to be even more frivolous by taking care of their children. People felt that I was into something sensational…people also criticized me by saying ‘why should developmental funds be diverted for the welfare and development of children of prostitutes?’”

  • Rina Shah: "[Prostitution] is a one billion dollar industry just in Mumbai...82 children each day in Mumbai are forced into sex slavery.”

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