April 14, 2017

This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, our panelists discuss Trump’s quiet rollback of family planning services, gender reassignment surgery and the First Amendment.

On the panel this week joining host Bonnie Erbe is Ann Stone, co-founder of Women for Trump; Latifa Lyles, former head of the women’s bureau at the U.S. Dept. of Labor; Jennifer Higgins, GOP political strategist; and Patricia Sosa, progressive commentator.  

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Family Planning Rollback

Is this the end of Planned Parenthood?

  • Ann Stone: "There may be some short-term confusion, but the gaps will be filled, and Planned Parenthood will be just fine, they’ll survive.”

  • Latifa Lyles: "It sends a pretty clear message: [Republicans] don’t care about poor women’s health, and it’s gonna have a really detrimental impact on communities.”

  • Jennifer Higgins: "It’s no surprise that Republicans are moving to find any means necessary to defund Planned Parenthood.”

  • Patricia Sosa: "This is political pandering and poor women are caught in the middle, and they will suffer the consequences.”

Gender-Reassignment Surgery

Should health insurance cover it?

  • Sarah McBride: "It's a cruel action to take away medically necessary healthcare to transgender workers in the state of Wisconsin the reality is transgender people need and deserve access to medically necessary transition related medical care... it's discrimination plain and simple.”  

  • Ann Stone: “We need to find commensurate things on the other side, ‘all right, you’re not gonna cover this, then let’s not cover that. You’re not gonna cover maternal care, we’re not gonna cover Viagra.’”

  • Latifa Lyles: "I think we’ve got to go back to leaving these medical decisions in the hands of the patients and their doctors, and that means coverage for these patients when it’s medically necessary.”

  • Jennifer Higgins: "There’s a lot of lack of understanding about the transgender community, whether that be medically, emotionally or physically.”

  • Patricia Sosa: "I can see how the politics of it can still be so complicated, especially in a country where we’re still battling for basic reproductive services.”

First Amendment

Is the nation in a First Amendment crisis? Interview with Mary Beth Tinker, free speech advocate.

  • Mary Beth Tinker: “The disrespect that is coming from our president right now towards the basic principles of democracy are terrible. They’re very harmful to not only students understanding about democracy and the first amendment and the three branches of government, but they’re harmful, they wear away at our respect for our democracy.”

  • Ann Stone: "Things happening on college campuses shows that free thought is not being taught. People are being indoctrinated, and it’s disgusting.”

  • Latifa Lyles: "I think most people are going to err on believing the press at this point. People don’t believe the president.”

  • Bonnie Erbe: “We have a nation of progressives and largely educated people reading the New York Times and watching MSNBC, and then we have conservatives reading Breitbart and watching Fox News. People have completely opposite impressions of what happened.”

  • Jennifer Higgins: "We’re in a period of rebuilding. The election environment created a very tense deterioration of civil discourse.”

  • Patricia Sosa: “You have the Trump Administration and the lies that they are saying, and they’re calling the media ‘fake news,’ so that dynamic is a test of our First Amendment. And to the other side, when universities get too sensitive about how people are gonna feel about opinions, I think that is totally inappropriate.“

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