January 26, 2018

This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, our panelists discuss sexual assault and USA’s gymnastics team, Donald Trump’s approval rating among white women and Behind the Headlines - Birthright: A War Story.

On the panel this week joining host Bonnie Erbe is: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC); Hilary Rosen, Democratic Strategist; Jennifer Higgins, GOP Political Strategist; Genevieve Wood, The Daily Signal

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Story 1

Larry Nassar

Ex USA Gymnastics Coach sentenced for sexual abuse.

  • Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton: 2:35.  “Women have gone from me too to us too, so what we need to see next is where sexual harassment has not gone, and that is to the everyday woman and the everyday workplace”

  • Genevieve Wood: 5:30. “What this again shows, there is nobody that we should say is untouchable.”

  • Bonnie Erbe: 3:28.  “The big question on everyone’s mind is how the heck did this go on.”

  • Hilary Rosen: 7:04. “There has been a change in standards, and it’s a good change, and it started really with the media, because the media used to not be willing to print these stories unless they had some witness”

  • Jennifer Higgins: 3:16. “I think women are going to see the benefit of the doubt.  There’s a groundswell going on and I think the next logical step is making sure that we build a national culture of accountability for men”

Women & Trump

Is Donald Trump losing support?

  • Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton: 12:43. “Now we are seeing from protest to politics, these women talked about not running, not November. Vote, is what they talked about.  That’s why I’m so encouraged that we can not only get Trump, but even, there I think get the House to turn over and even the Senate

  • Genevieve Wood: 13:20. “If you looked at the beginning of this year, Democrats had a thirteen point advantage when you looked at congressional polls on a generic ballot, but the economy has been doing pretty well.  If you look at those same congressional polls as of a week ago, that advantage has dropped to seven points.”

  • Hilary Rosen: 14:06. “Republican women, I think are going to rue the day that they did not stand up this year, because the reason I think more Republican women are not running is because they would have to run on the same ticket as Paul Ryan and House members.”

  • Jennifer Higgins:11:00. “A blue wave is what you’re seeing.  We’re seeing a number of Democratic women reacting to this President, reacting to his Presidency and on the Republican side we’re seeing fewer women, but I think there’s a similar type of movement and interest and reaction to the President”

Birthright: A War Story

Two documentarians look into U.S. abortion laws.

  • Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton: 24:09. “They have won this argument, because they have been purposeful, because they have not given up, because they’ve gone to the State legislatures, and only recently have they invoked science, now that is something that those of us who are pro-choice better take seriously.  These are science deniers on everything else”

  • Genevieve Wood: “Many people want to chip away at Roe, because many people don’t believe that abortion on demand for all nine months of pregnancy is what they support.  A lot of people support abortion up to a certain level, maybe three months, but most Americans regardless of party and the like do not think abortion should happen up until a baby is born, and that’s what Roe allows.”

  • Hilary Rosen: 22:28. “It’s a chipping away at Roe, it’s a chipping away at what really is a right to privacy, it’s not a right to abortions. It’s a right to privacy there. This constant undermining with additional regulations, with additional laws, is nothing more than anti-woman, and ultimately anti-family.”

  • Civia Tamarkin: “We now are living in a time where there is a conflict between the rights of the unborn and the rights of the mother. And there is a tendency to view today the woman as an incubator. The real life handmaid's’ tale. So this fetus first mentality becoming far more prevalent.”

  • Luchina Fisher: “Birthright: A War Story is feature length documentary about the long war on women’s reproductive health and the unintended consequences of that war. And we show many women throughout the film who have been swept up in this war and conflict.”

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