September 28, 2018

This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, our panelists discuss  Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Ford’s hearing and Captain Marvel.

On the panel this week joining host Bonnie Erbe is: Linda Chavez, Chair Emeritus, Center for Equal Opportunity; Avis Jones DeWeever, Founder, Exceptional Leadership Institute For Women; Jennifer Higgins, GOP Political Strategist; Siobhan “Sam” Bennett, Author & Political Advocate for Women


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Supreme Court Hearing

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh testified

  • Sam Bennett: “I was sexually trafficked and I was raped as a young adult. Did I talk much about that till I had experienced 30 years of therapy which is still ongoing? No. Why? Because the culture does not support the vocalization of that trauma. So our big danger here is, once again, we start sleepwalking again and pretend like we are all Sleeping Beauty again instead of taking this moment in our culture’s history to move that particular needle.”  

  • Jennifer Higgins: “This is political and so the fact that Republicans would like to get someone in that seat, Merrick Garland is a good example of how we are playing this tit for tat game in politics right now.”

  • Avis Jones-DeWeever: “What we saw with her is completely consistent with what we know happens with people who have experienced trauma. A truthful person will admit, ‘I don’t remember that,’ a liar will make you think that they saw every particular detail in place because they are lying.”

  • Linda Chavez: “The problem is not Mitch McConnell, the problem is Donald Trump and the executive branch is the body responsible for sending out FBI investigations and he is very mistrustful of the FBI and I think that is playing a role.”

  • Bonnie Erbe: “Senator Blumenthal brought that up that there is an instruction that judges give to jurors that says that if you think he lied at all or she lied at all then you are allowed to believe that person lied about everything.”  

Captain Marvel

Brie Larson leads Marvel’s first movie starring a female superhero

  • Sam Bennett: “I think the real bar here for Marvel is to make a great movie first and then let the great actress tell her story as a protagonist.”  

    • “The important thing I think in all of this is you have Hollywood producers and a huge conglomerate like disney going, ‘oh, there’s money to be made in women, oh.’ I think that is important, i think that represents a shift and that is important.”    

  • Jennifer Higgins: “I think the Marvel movie is a positive sign. Now is it a ploy to get more women engaged? I think Disney probably needs it more than maybe some of the other networks who i think have struggled frankly with gender issues, too many princesses and too many sort of stereotypes among young women and so if women want to see a strong empowered figure. Maybe this Marvel effort is really something that will rally prompt them to have this sort of similar effort that DC comics had with Wonder Woman.”

    • “I think to some extent people do get excited to go to the movies and to see a strong character despite the fact maybe it is fantasy. It is kind of nice to escape a little bit in this day and age.”        

  • Avis Jones-Deweever: “It [Black Panther] featured strong women. In the security force for the King, all women. The scientist, a women. So it kind of continued that theme of having strong women leading the way.”

  • Linda Chavez: “I want to see women looking at movies like Hidden Figures and seeing these spunky, in this case, African American, women who were in the typing pool come up with the answers to how we launch a rocket. This idea of these fantasy figures, I actually think this is the wrong image we ought to be pushing. I think little boys are actually harmed by these super hero images.”

  • Bonnie Erbe: “Aside from being an action flick and being more about special effects I thought almost than content, it was fabulous.”  

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