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All About Women & Girls Film Festival International Category Winner: A Queen's Discovery

December 09, 2016


To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe celebrates 25 seasons on PBS with a film festival highlighting documentaries by and about women, families and diverse communities. The All About Women & Girls Festival winner in the international category is A Queen's Discovery.

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The Blue Bubble

December 08, 2016

By Sallie Bingham 

A dear friend told me the other day that she thinks we live in a blue bubble here in New Mexico. On the electoral map, New Mexico and Colorado show up as almost insignificant small blue squares in a sea of red, so unimportant on the national level we received almost no attention or visits during the previous election—which may be just as well. But before I give in to survivor’s guilt about being the beneficiary of blue, I want to take a minute to think why this happened.

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Holy Family

December 05, 2016

By Sallie Bingham

As we try to make sense of what has happened and what is likely to happen, I keep hearing the phrase “The American Dream”—the mantra of the conservatives. I never believed it existed—what dream does?—but a commentator whose name I didn’t hear on NPR today advanced the opinion that it did exist—once—in a golden period of prosperity from the end of the war that created it in 1945 to the revelations of Watergate in 1973.

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All About Women & Girls Film Festival: Student Entry Winner: Tent Village

December 02, 2016 Tent Village

This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, we explore our first winner in the To The Contrary All About Women Film Festival.

We celebrate our 25th season of To The Contrary by hosting a film festival. Our winners will be aired for the next few weeks on our show times instead of our regular show. Our film festival is highlighting the best work, documentaries by members of these communities in five categories: Student entry, current events about advancing the rights of girls, women or diverse communities in the United States, Internationally, The history of the US women’s movement, telling women’s stories and Student entry.

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Art in a Time of Danger

November 22, 2016

By Sallie Bingham

I felt the absence of art, in any form, during the last, terrible week. No one was reciting poetry, pointing to a painting, or reading from a book that offered inspiration or comfort. It was disappointing, but not surprising, when a dear friend who runs a small literary press told me that one of her donors had withdrawn his funding to devote it to “political activism.”

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