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Bonnie Erbé on A Hero's Hero

July 17, 2013
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) is a hero's hero, or perhaps more apropos in this instance, a shero's shero. She is leading the long-overdue fight to rid the military of sexual assault.  The facts, figures and history are well-known but continue to amaze this observer. 
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Sex Trafficking Flourishes In The Internet Age

July 15, 2013

Commercial sex will never go away -- let's admit it. But why is it proliferating? The Internet, unfortunately, provides an almost unfettered platform for commercial sex hookups. It also allows pimps to find, track and enslave girls and women in sex trafficking. 

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Should Filibuster Leader seek Texas Governor's Job?

July 05, 2013

Imagine Ann Richards onstage, her smile wide as Texas, her voice just as buoyant and her sense of humor equally keen. Can you see the much-beloved former Texas governor morphing into Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis? I pose the question because following Davis’ filibuster last week in the Texas Senate, she has become a media darling and is being touted as her party’s salvation in the next governor’s race.

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Court Ruling on Voting Law Underscores U.S. Divide

June 27, 2013 Bonnie Erbe, To the Contrary Host

By Bonnie Erbe

In many ways our country is united, but in just as many ways the United States seems like two nations. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling overturning part of the Voting Rights Act exemplified our differences.

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TTC Panelists React To The Supreme Court's Voting Rights Act Decision

June 25, 2013

By Rebecca Morin, Intern

In a 5-4 decision The Supreme Court struck down a key part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  It means states and municipalities with a history of racial discrimination  do not have to ask the federal government for permission to change voting procedure.  It applied to nine states and parts of six others, mostly in the South.

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