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Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery

June 19, 2013 Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and TTC host Bonnie Erbe

By Cari Stein, Executive Producer

It may surprise many Americans that human trafficking happens right here in the United States.  In fact, victims are not only from foreign countries they include Americans.  Trafficking is estimated to be a 32-Billion dollar a year “industry” exploiting women, children, boys and men for sexual slavery as well as forced labor.

This week, To the Contrary visited Homeland Security headquarters to speak with Secretary Janet Napolitano about trafficking.  In an interview with TTC host Bonnie Erbe, Secretary Napolitano outlined a DHS campaign to bring this hidden crime out of the shadows.   The Blue Campaign aims to raise the level of awareness of the general public so regular citizens can recognize the signs of human trafficking and report it to authorities.  The campaign’s new website is

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Erbé on Women Deliver

June 12, 2013 Bonnie Erbe, To the Contrary Host

By Bonnie Erbe

Kuala Lumpur was the site of an incredibly important global conference last month on maternal and child health care. The confab drew the participation of more than 4,500 attendees including high-level United Nations officials, government leaders, renowned philanthropists and NGO chiefs. There was even a sprinkling of celebrities such as actress Mandy Moore, Chelsea Clinton and Barbara Bush (daughter, not mother of George W. Bush.)

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Obama Tackles Mental Health

June 04, 2013 Bonnie Erbe, To the Contrary Host

President Obama did something incredibly important this week. He shined a spotlight on mental illness. His purpose was not only to raise awareness so more Americans can spot signs of it among family and friends and to increase treatment, but also to spread the word recovery is more attainable than ever.

U.S. society is woefully ignorant of mental illness. The President's intervention will, it is hoped, help close the knowledge gap. The President armed himself with the firepower of Hollywood stars Bradley Cooper and Glenn Close, whom he invited to the conference. They've both played mentally ill characters and in Close's case, has helped a close family member battle bi-polar disorder. The President aims to eradicate the stigma associated with the array of bio-chemical disorders including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, bipolar disorder, depression and so on.

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To The Contrary At The Women Deliver Conference

May 30, 2013 EP Cari Stein and Melinda Gates

Executive Producer Cari Stein met with Melinda Gates, of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at the 2013 Women Deliver Global Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Please watch for Cari's half hour documentary which includes an interview with Ms. Gates later this summer. 

Pope Calls for End to 'Cult of Money'

May 22, 2013 Bonnie Erbe, To the Contrary Host

Just about everything about Pope Francis rings true. A mere two months into his papacy he has shed many of the Church's gaudy and inapt symbols of materialism and returned the philosophical focus of the Church to where Jesus Christ would have wanted it to be: on the poor. Banished to the closets of the Vatican are his predecessors' ornate Renaissance vestments along with an assortment of un-Christ-like ostentatious adornments including a solid gold crucifix.

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