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The Blog

Mabel’s House

July 25, 2016

by Sallie Bingham

One of the great pleasures attendant on my beloved Tuesday evening writers’ group in Taos is that I get to stay Mabel’s house that night—the glorious B&B on the edge of Taos Pueblo land that preserves her spirit. Here come all kinds of people from all kinds of places, not exactly the luminaries like D.H. Lawrence that she drew, but fine people of all shades and stripes. Mabel’s portrait and the portrait of her Taos Pueblo husband, Tony Luhan, preside over the big dining room where the guests all share tables for breakfast.

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The Republican National Convention; Roger Ailes Axed

July 22, 2016

This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, our panelists discuss highlights from the Republican National Convention and the sexual assault allegations against Roger Ailes.

On the panel this week joining host Bonnie Erbe is Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), Executive Director of the Independent Women’s Forum Sabrina Schaeffer, Associate Professor at George Washington University Lara Brown, and Republican Strategist Rina Shah.

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Millenial Voices
Running Start: Bringing Young Women to Politics

July 19, 2016 Attendee's figuring out the issues their passionate about

by Kara Sorenson

at the Republican Convention for TTC                                                                                       

Women face plenty of barriers when they run for political office. However, when they do, statistically they win at the same rate as men. So why don’t we have more women in elected government positions? It’s not because they are unelectable. The real issue is that not enough young women are trying to run for office.

That was the message at a workshop at the Republican National Convention held by Running Star, a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting women under 40 to run for elected office.  It was a positive and engaging event that brought both men and women together to learnt why we need more women in office. 

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Nice Attacks & RNC; Masculinity & Election; Jennifer Aniston

July 15, 2016

This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, our panelists discuss how both terrorism in other countries and racial violence here will impact this presidential election; if our masculine-government and country is ready for a female president; and why Jennifer Aniston is fed up with the tabloids.

On the panel this week joining host Bonnie Erbe is Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), Republican Strategist Rina Shah Bharara, Senior Fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum Julie Gunlock, and Journalist Anushay Hossain  

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Millennial Voices
Tubman Takes On The 20 Dollar Bill

July 11, 2016 This Harriet Tubman statue was created by Dr. James Hill of the Salisbury University Art Department. It is currently on display at Salisbury University.

By London Mackall

As an intern at "To The Contrary" I get to learn about women who are making a difference each day. However, I never want to forget about the incredible women from the past whose legacy continues to impact men and women today. When I found out that Harriet Tubman would be featured on a new version of the 20 dollar bill in 2020, I decided to interview professors from Salisbury University to get more insight on this historic event.

President Andrew Jackson, the current face of the bill will be relocated to the back, while an image of Tubman will be placed on the front of the bill, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said. The new currency will be released just in time for the 100-year-anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement, said Washington Post Staff Writers Ana Swanson and Abby Ohlheiser.

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