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Angela McGlowan


Angela McGlowan is the founder and CEO of Political Strategies & Insights (PSI), a government affairs and public relations consulting firm based in Washington, DC and Oxford, Mississippi.

Bestselling author of “BAMBOOZLED”, McGlowan is a seasoned news and talk professional who currently serves as a political analyst for the FOX News and FOX Business Channels in Washington D.C. and New York. A proven communicator able to connect with a wide range of audiences, McGlowan has made numerous appearances on BET (Black Entertainment Television) and on political shows, including: PBS’s To the Contrary (a show from a woman’s perspective), America’s Black Forum, This is America with Dennis Wholey, , and ABC’s Politically Incorrect.

The TEA Party recruited McGlowan to run for Congress in 2010, and though her bid was unsuccessful, she was the first black and female to run in the 1st Congressional District of Mississippi on a major party ticket. The Wall Street Journal named Angela the heroine of the national TEA Party Movement in 2010 for her dedication to promoting true, conservative change in Washington, DC.

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