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Past Programs

Summaries of To the Contrary's shows from 1996 to present are listed. You can also watch full episodes from 2010 to the present online here.

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Brown v. Board

Date: 11/18/1994
Program Number: 334
Panelists: Betsy Hart, Julianne Malveaux, Karen DeWitt, Elaine Shannon

Newsmaker: Widnall

Date: 11/11/1994
Program Number: 333
Panelists: Katie O’Beirne, Harriett Woods, Lynn Martin, Barbara Reynolds

Featured Topics:

• Republicans win election ’94 – problems for Clinton

• Study: traditional “happy” couples not necessarily happy in marriage

• Women in the military

Election Preview

Date: 11/04/1994
Program Number: 332
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Linda Chavez, Betsy Hart, Irene Natividad

Featured Topics:

• Clarence Thomas/ Anita Hill book, Strange Justice

• Paul Hill trial/death penalty debate

• Election “94 previews

Equal Opportunities with Pat Buchanan

Date: 10/28/1994
Program Number: 331
Panelists: Harriett Woods, Irene Natividad, Katie O’Beirne, Blanquita Cullum

Featured Topics:

• Middle East Peace Treaty

• Teen girls – birth rate declines

Dying to be Thin

Date: 10/21/1994
Program Number: 330
Panelists: Linda Chavez, Irene Natividad, Patricia Elam Ruff, Jan Parshall

Featured Topics:

• Clinton campaigning

• Cahill – lawyer who gave man lighter sentence than woman who committed same crime

• Anorexia overlooked in African-American Community

Domestic Violence & Interracial Relationship

Date: 10/20/1994
Program Number: SPECIAL
Panelists: Panelists: Irene Natividad, Linda Chavez, Betsy Hart, Gloria Watkins (bell hooks), Faye Wattleton, Nina Tottenberg; Experts: Donna Edwards, Dr. Darlene Hopson, Audrey Chapman, Wanda Resto-Torres

Featured Topics:

• Domestic Violence

• Interracial Relationships

Female Circumcision

Date: 10/14/1994
Program Number: 329
Panelists: Betsy Hart, Julianne Malveaux, Helen Ferre, Elaine Shannon

Featured Topics:

• Iraq crisis boosts Clinton’s approval rating

• Working wives have less motivate/salaried husbands

• Circumcision – violation of human rights or West stay out?

Newsmaker with Rep. Pat Schroeder

Date: 10/07/1994
Program Number: 328
Panelists: Ellen Saurbrey, Linda Chavez, Julianne Malveaux, Elaine Shannon

Featured Topics:

• Sex in America

• Man arrested for killing abortion doctor says slayings justified

• Women in Congress

Women of a Certain Age

Date: 09/30/1994
Program Number: 327
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Blanquita Cullum, Katie O’Beirne, Lynn Martin

Featured Topics:

• Jury selection in Simpson trial – impartial?

• White House Women – Hillary’s retreat a message?

• Gloria Steinum 60 years old

Welfare with Donna Shalala

Date: 09/23/1994
Program Number: 326
Panelists: Donna Shalala, Linda Chavez, Key James, Harriett Woods

Featured Topics:

• Americans debate peace keeping role in Haiti

• Clinton revive healthcare plan?

• Welfare reform

Women Leaders

Date: 09/16/1994
Program Number: 325
Panelists: Katie O’Beirne, Elaine Shannon, Helen Ferre, Harriett Woods

Featured Topics:

• Americans not supportive of Clinton’s planned invasion of Haiti

• Crime and Dissillusionment in fall election

• Women heads of state

Cairo Population Summit

Date: 09/09/1994
Program Number: 324
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Lynn Martin, Julianne Malveaux, Linda Chavez

Featured Topics:

• Women need to run for political power

• Int’l Conference in Cairo

Women in the Workforce

Date: 09/02/1994
Program Number: 323
Panelists: Karen DeWitt, Betsy Hart, Patricia Elam Ruff, Lynn Martin

Featured Topics:

• 3 Sex Offenders driven from their community

• Fathers and sons band together for men

• Gov’t understands working women

Newsmaker: Patty Murray

Date: 08/26/1994
Program Number: 322
Panelists: Betsy Hart, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Lynn Martin, Karen DeWitt

Featured Topics:

• Clinton and sagging opinion ratings

• Cuban refugees – should US take them?

• Differences in running as a woman

Race & Feminism

Date: 08/19/1994
Program Number: 321
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Betsy Hart, Elaine Shannon, Julianne Malveaux

Featured Topics:

• Clinton & Approval of Crime Packages

• NAACP leader denies allegations

• Feminism and minorities – White middle class movement?

The Peace Corps

Date: 08/12/1994
Program Number: 320
Panelists: Karen DeWitt, Helen Ferre, Katie O’ Beirne, Harriett Woods

Featured Topics:

• Crime Bill

• Women who earn more

• Ntl Volunteer world survive the pragmatic 90s?

Kids & the Environment With Carol Browner

Date: 08/05/1994
Program Number: 319
Panelists: Claudine Schneider, Julianne Malveaux, Irene Natividad, Betsy Hart

Featured Topics:

• Shannon Faulkner and buzz cut for Citadel

• FBI investigates abortion protestor’s violence

• Healthy planet for children

Corporate Responsibility w/ Wendy Banks

Date: 07/29/1994
Program Number: 318
Panelists: Ramona Edelin, Harriet Woods, Elaine Shannon, Katie O’Beirne

Featured Topics:

  • Cholera in Zaire refugee camps
  • College-bound mom loses custody of day-care child
  • Business first responsibility to shareholders or society?

How to Survive Divorce

Date: 07/22/1994
Program Number: 317
Panelists: Linda Chavez, Irene Natividad, Ramona Edelin, Katie O’Beirne

Featured Topics:

• Adoptive v. Birth Parents

• World’s oldest woman gives birth – 62 yrs.

• Divorce

Women in Science & Math

Date: 07/15/1994
Program Number: 316
Panelists: Linda Chavez, Romona Edelen, Irene Natividad, Lynn Martin

Featured Topics:

• Healthcare Debate – warning from church on fighting abortion decisions

• White woman sues Texas lawschool for denied admission re discrimination

• Unequal opportunities in education for girls

Christina Sommers

Date: 07/08/1994
Program Number: 315
Panelists: Karen DeWitt, Julianne Malveux, Irene Natividad, Linda Chavez

Featured Topics:

• Victory for prosecution in OJ trial

• Clinton salvages policy on Haitian refugees

• Feminists of a different sort

Enclosed Communities

Date: 07/01/1994
Program Number: 314
Panelists: Victoria Toensing, Julianne Malveaux, Karen DeWitt, Betsy Hart

Featured Topics:

• Sp. Ct. ends term with rulings on abortion and prayer in school

• OJ- Media coverage making it impossible for fair trail?

• People who live inside enclosed communities

• Segregation of safe communities? Blackhawk in San Francisco, interview with Marcie Grasper, Prof. Ed Blakely re why people choose these communities, concerns.

Bell Hooks

Date: 06/24/1994
Program Number: 313
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Linda Chavez, Ann Lewis, Helen Ferre

Featured Topics:

• OJ Simpson and prior domestic violence charges

• Tobacco execs lie about nicotine levels

• Antifeminism?

• Interview with Bell Hooks, re feminism today


Date: 06/17/1994
Program Number: 312
Panelists: Irene Naticidad, Linda Chavez, Elaine Shannon, Betsy Hart

Featured Topics:

• Clinton’s plan to overhaul welfare system

• Paula Jones’ credibility challenged in Clinton sexual harassment allegations

• Are Dads getting a bad rap?

• Fathers who take an active role in raising children; interview with Director of Fatherhood Initiative, Dr. Wade Horton

Pasty Mink

Date: 06/10/1994
Program Number: 311
Panelists: Linda Chavez, Julianne Malveaux, Elaine Shannon, Harriet Woods

Featured Topics:

• Fallout from primaries

• Problems facing young women – sex/pregnancy and alcohol abuse

• America’s fastest growing minority

• Interview with Patsy Mink, Rep. D. Hawaii, re emphasis on Asian Pacific concerns

School to work

Date: 06/03/1994
Program Number: 310

Women & Nation of Islam

Date: 05/27/1994
Program Number: 309
Panelists: Linda Chavez, Elaine Shannon, Kate O’Beine, Karen DeWitt

Featured Topics:

• Health care plan

• Law against blocking abortion clinics

• Women and Islam

• The secular 90’s and their impact on Islam – Western women uncomfortable with Islamic restrictions

Minority Women’s Health

Date: 05/20/1994
Program Number: 308
Panelists: Elaine Shannon, Betsy Hart, Julianne Malveaux, Karen DeWitt

Featured Topics:

• Raising interest rates

• Abortion pill

• Interracial couples banned from prom

• Title

• Women of color fight to change their medical establishment

Sen. Hutchinson

Date: 05/13/1994
Program Number: 307
Panelists: Linda Chavez, Harriett Woods, Irene Natividad, Elaine Shannon

Featured Topics:

• Whit House and public policy matters

• Three executions and death penalty

• Women in congress: united or divided?

• Interview with Texas R. Kay Bailey Hutchinson re changing views of women in congress

Woman hood Defined by Motherhood

Date: 05/06/1994
Program Number: 306
Panelists: Katen DeWitt, Betsy Hart, Irene Natividad, Julianne Malveaux

Featured Topics:

• Clinton and sexual harassment allegations

• New school schedule: long, long, long

• Women without children

Welfare: A Capitalist View

Date: 04/29/1994
Program Number: 305
Panelists: Elaine Shannon, Michelle Maglalan Malken,, Dorothy Gilliam, Kate O’Beirne

Featured Topics:

• Supreme court and abortion: protestors v. clinic operators

• Women boycott wait model ads

• Welfare reform and workfare

• Chicago programs based on premise that welfare moms work for money


Date: 04/22/1994
Program Number: 304
Panelists: Linda Chavez, Elaine Shannon, Irene Natividad, Lynn Maritn

Featured Topics:

• Parents sued for child’s truancy

• Women senators/sexism in military

• Population debate

• Women’s voices being heard in population debate – earlier terms of forced sterilization and forced abortion are changing

Women and Money

Date: 04/15/1994
Program Number: 303
Panelists: Elaine Shannon, Sheila Weidenfield, Irene Natividad, Karen DeWitt

Featured Topics:

• Fraudulent data in breast cancer studies

• Crime Bill and federal death penalties

• Title

•“Women Only” investment clubs increase number of women saving for retirement

Domestic Violence

Date: 04/08/1994
Program Number: 302
Panelists: Linda Chavez, Julianne Malveux, Victoria Toensing, Elaine Shannon

Featured Topics:

• Vacancy Supreme Court

• Singapore caning controversy

• Title

• Interviews with abused women

Women in State Legislatures

Date: 04/01/1994
Program Number: 301
Panelists: Kate O’Beirne, Harriett Woods, Elaine Shannon, Linda Chavez

Featured Topics:

• Defending Hillary

• Breast Cancer and faked data

• Title

• California lawmakers discuss women politicians faring better at local level

Juvenile Crime/ Janet Reno

Date: 03/25/1994
Program Number: 252
Panelists: Janet Reno, Kate O’Beirne, Kay James, Elanor Holmes Norton

Featured Topics:

• White Water hearings/gridlock on programs

• Smoker’s rights, taxes – ban on smoking in public buildings

• Title

Ethics of Sperm Donors

Date: 03/18/1994
Program Number: 251
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Irene Natividad, Elaine Shannon, Helen Ferre

Featured Topics:

• Higher sales taxes/ school funding

• Rug Ranking – Secretaries who loose their jobs because their boses are demoted

• Title

AIDs: Interview with Christive Gebbie

Date: 03/11/1994
Program Number: 250
Panelists: Linda Chavez, Kate O’Beirne, Brenda Wilson, Elaine Shannon

Featured Topics:

• Hillary and White Water/Admin. Aids Testify

• Afircan-American women making gains in corporate America

• Title

Christ’s Bridges

Date: 03/04/1994
Program Number: 249
Panelists: Linda Chavez, Harriett Woods, Julianne Malveaux, Betsy Hart

Featured Topics:

• Ethnic Hate – gunman shoots 4 Jewish people

• Hutchinson charges

• Title – religious tension

Rap Music

Date: 02/25/1994
Program Number: 248
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Irene Natividad, Betsy Hart, Elaine Shannon

Featured Topics:

• Russia Spy Case – Mr. & Mrs. Ames

• School Prayer in public schools

• Title

Taiwan: Global Summit of Women

Date: 02/18/1994
Program Number: 247
Panelists: Karen DeWitt (Geust Host), Katie O’Beirne, Linda Chavez, Elaine Shannon, Susan King

Featured Topics:

• Bosnia ceasefire

• Standardized tests discriminate against girls

• Title

Women in the Corporate Suite

Date: 02/11/1994
Program Number: 246
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Betsy Hart, Elaine Shannon, Linda Chavez

Featured Topics:

• Universal Health Care – Cost of Clinton’s Plan

• White Men victims of latest backlash against male image (Time article)

• Title


Date: 02/04/1994
Program Number: 245
Panelists: Elaine Shannon, Irene Natividad, Linda Chavez, Kate O’Beirne

Featured Topics:

• Discrimination: abuse against women around the world

• Tax code penalizes full time home makers

• Title

Women and College Sports

Date: 01/28/1994
Program Number: 244
Panelists: Helen Ferre, Irene Natividad, Betsy Hart, Harriet Woods

Featured Topics:

• Crime Concern Among Americans/ Clinton’s State of Union

• Superbowl Obsession

• Title

State of Our States: Interview with Christine Whit

Date: 01/21/1994
Program Number: 243
Panelists: Helen Ferre, Irene Natividad, Lynn Martin, Julianne Malveaux

Featured Topics:

• Nancy Kerrigan attack

• John and Lorena Bobbitt Trial

• Citadel Update (Shannon Faulkner)

Interview with Donna Shalala

Date: 01/14/1994
Program Number: 242
Panelists: Linda Chavez, Lynn Martin, Elaine Shannon, Karen DeWitt

Featured Topics:

• Special prosecuter for White Water

• Abortion – common ground to work together

• Title

Drugs/Public Health

Date: 01/07/1994
Program Number: 241
Panelists: Linda Chavez, Elaine Shannon, Harriett Woods, Julianne Malveaux

Featured Topics:

• Controlling reproductive technology

• Condom campaign by Clinton Administration

• Title

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