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Nicole Kurokawa Neily Ruth Conniff Bev Perdue
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Darlene Kennedy Carole Simpson Kay James
Former Rep. Mary  Bono (R-CA) Salma Hayek Dr. Maya Angelou
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Past Programs

Summaries of To the Contrary's shows from 1996 to present are listed. You can also watch full episodes from 2010 to the present online here.

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Date: 12/26/1997
Program Number: 640
Panelists: Arianna Huffington, Irene Natividad, Elaine Chao, Judsen Culbreth

Featured Topics:

• Women in 1997

• Girl Power-interview with HHS Secretary Donna Shalala on a program to raise self- esteem in girls.

Women and Ambition

Date: 12/19/1997
Program Number: 638
Panelists: Arianna Huffington, Irene Natividad, Elaine Chao, Judsen Culbreth

Featured Topics:

• Children and cyber-porn

• The GOP courting women

• Women and ambition-in a new survey, Working Mother Magazine finds many women are proud to call themselves ambitious.

Standardizing Mammograms

Date: 12/05/1997
Program Number: 637
Panelists: Arianna Huffington, Diane Rehm, Julianne Malveaux, Susan Au Allen

Featured Topics:

• Declining abortion rates

• Same-sex sexual harrassment

• The quality of mammograms-Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski talks about the need for higher standards.

American Foreign Aid and Family Planning

Date: 11/28/1997
Program Number: 636
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Ann Stone, Darlene Kennedy, Robin Duke

Featured Topics:

• Slapping teenage children

• Barbie's new look

• Family planning overseas-a first-hand look at how American funds are used in Morocco.

At-Risk Youth

Date: 11/21/1997
Program Number: 635
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, Elisa Sanchez, Ann Stone

Featured Topics:

• The Magnificent Seven

• Women and courts-getting off easy

• Girls and violence-Kansas City's Youthnet engages at-risk youth.

Women and Climate Change

Date: 11/14/1997
Program Number: 634
Panelists: Del. Elearnor Holmes Norton, Jan Parshall, Jessica Tuchman Mathews, Wendy Gramm

Featured Topics:

• Feelings about adoption

• Mothers favored in immigration law

• Women and climate change-interview with EPA Administrator Carol Browner

Women Fighting Racism-Project Change

Date: 11/07/1997
Program Number: 633
Panelists: Linda Chavez, Irene Natividad, Jan Parshall, Anita Perez Ferguson

Featured Topics:

• The British au pair murder case-a lesson for working moms?

• Men and plastic surgery

• Women fighting racism-a look at Project Change

Unmarried Motherhood

Date: 10/31/1997
Program Number: 632
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Elaine Chao, Irene Natividad, Ann Stone

Featured Topics:

• The Utah gay rights lawsuit

• Women at the polls

• Single motherhood-author and single mom Melissa Ludtke talks about her experiences

Women and Power in the Senate

Date: 10/24/1997
Program Number: 631
Panelists: Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun, Tillie Fowler, Harriett Woods, Darlene Kennedy

Featured Topics:

• White House Child Care Conference

• The Million Woman March

• Women gaining power in the Senate-interview with Freshman Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu

Women, Motherhood, and Feminism

Date: 10/17/1997
Program Number: 630
Panelists: Del. Elearnor Holmes Norton, Camille Paglia, Lynn Martin, Elaine Chao

Featured Topics:

• Women and technology

• Women encounter chauvinism in the British House of Commons

• Motherhood and feminism-author Anne Roiphe talks about bringing moms into the movement

Title IX

Date: 10/10/1997
Program Number: 629
Panelists: Camille Paglia, Lynn Martin, Irene Natividad, Darlene Kennedy

Featured Topics:

• Washington and women-author Marianne Williamson talks about the disconnect

• Strengthening Title IX-Senator Moseley Braun talks about her Fair Play Act.

Women and Gossip

Date: 10/03/1997
Program Number: 628
Panelists: Arianna Huffington, Hazel O'Leary, Rep. Louise Slaughter, Elaine Chao

Featured Topics:

• The growing wage gap

• Contraception legislation to stop unwanted pregnancies

• Women and Gossip--interview with reporter Annie Groer

Working Mother Companies

Date: 09/26/1997
Program Number: 627
Panelists: Judsen Culbreth, Arianna Huffington, Susan Au Allen, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton

Featured Topics:

• Fen/Phen

• Marv Albert Suit

• Working Mother Companies

Women and Community Service

Date: 09/19/1997
Program Number: 626
Panelists: Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Susan Au Allen, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Jan Parshall

Featured Topics:

Fall Fashion--gender bending?

Teens: violence, crime,and how love helps

Women and Community Service--interview with WETA founder Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell

Maasai Women

Date: 09/12/1997
Program Number: 625
Panelists: Ann Stone, Anita Perez Ferguson, Julianne Malveaux, Jan Parshall

Featured Topics:

• VMI, Citadel, and Aberdeen scandals

• Paula Jones loses her lawyers

• Maasai women and western influences

Women and Healthcare

Date: 09/05/1997
Program Number: 624
Panelists: Pat Schroeder, Connie Morella, Susan Au Allen, Irene Natividad

Featured Topics:

• Teens smoking and movie influence

• NOW vs. Promise Keepers

• Women and Healthcare, interview with Leslie Laurence

Pay Equity

Date: 08/29/1997
Program Number: 623
Panelists: Pat Schroeder, Connie Morella, Susan Au Allen, Hazel O'Leary

Featured Topics:

• G.I. Jane

• Proposition 209

Pay Equity--interview with Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA)

Single-sex Education

Date: 08/22/1997
Program Number: 622
Panelists: Eleanor Holmes Norton, Linda Chavez, Jan Parshall, Julianne Malveaux

Featured Topics:

• Marital satisfaction survey: Couples without kids more happy than those with kids

• Brainy Barbies--the new Career Collection has doctor Barbie, dentist Barbie and paleontologist Barbie

• Does single-sex education empower or weaken girls?


Date: 08/15/1997
Program Number: 621
Panelists: Eleanor Holmes Norton, Darlene Kennedy, Irene Natividad, Victoria Toensing

Featured Topics:

• SBA makes it easier for white women to get government contracts

• Welfare reform is one year old

• Hutelmyer ex-wife sues new wife and wins $1 million

Sidelining Women Reporters

Date: 08/08/1997
Program Number: 620
Panelists: Karen DeWitt, Elaine Shannon, Jan Parshall, Adrienne Washington

Featured Topics:

• Child support and fed real collection power

Older moms--costs and benefits to society

Sidelining women reporters--does society lose out when women are not in positions of authority in the media?


Date: 08/01/1997
Program Number: 619
Panelists: Eleanor Holmes Norton, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, Irene Natividad, Victoria Toensing

Featured Topics:

Lilith Fair--a celebration of women in mainstream music

• Fewer women on Capitol Hill after years of growth

Princessa: Women and power--do women need to act like Machiavelli to get what they want?

Ground Zero

Date: 07/18/1997
Program Number: 617
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Elisa Sanchez, Darlene Kennedy, Susan Au Allen

Featured Topics:

• Women leaving their newborns for dead

A male executive is fired for telling a female coworker about a racy TV show--he sued his former employer and won $26 million

• "Ground Zero," a book on women in military culture

D.C. Head Start

Date: 07/11/1997
Program Number: 616
Panelists: Pat Schroeder, Linda Chavez, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Darlene Kennedy

Featured Topics:

The new Census and Multi ethnic Categories--what do the new standards have in store for minorities, congressional districts, and federal contracts? How will these categories affect how we think of ourselves?

• D.C. Head Start

Gender Economic Stereotypes

Date: 07/04/1997
Program Number: 615
Panelists: Hazel O'Leary, Jan Parshall, Chang Bloch, Julianne Malveaux

Featured Topics:

"Lolita"--Nabokov's classic story about a man's obsession with a 12 year old girl is a new $50 million Jeremy Irons film. However no one in the US will distribute it. Does Hollywood have a case of the the morals?

• Eastern Europe wants to stop American adoptions

Gender Economic Stereotypes--glass ceilings and sticky floors. How far have women really come in the work force? The average woman misses $420,000 over a lifetime of work. Interview with Heidi Hartmann from the Institute for Women's Policy Research

Chore Wars--Men and Women on Dirt

Date: 06/27/1997
Program Number: 614
Panelists: Elaine Chao, Karen DeWitt, Harriet Woods, Jan Parshall

Featured Topics:

Sexual identity and young girls--are we teaching sexual responsibility? Interview with Naomi Wolf on her new book, "Promiscuities."

Chore Wars: Sharing household work

Clean Air--a Reality?

Date: 06/20/1997
Program Number: 613
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Elaine Chao, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Helen Chenoweth

Featured Topics:

• The 25th birthday of Title IX--how far have we come and how far do we have left to go?

• Genetic testing--a right of privacy issue, not for the insurance companies

• Strengthening Clean Air standards--protecting kids or punishing businesses?

Fathers in the 90s

Date: 06/13/1997
Program Number: 612
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Lynn Martin, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Elaine Chao

Featured Topics:

Republicans and Affirmative Action--are they pro AA in their offices but against it as policy?

• The new generation of American fathers

Wither Feminism

Date: 06/06/1997
Program Number: 611
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Darlene Kennedy, Josette Shiner, Eleanor Holmes Norton

Featured Topics:

Secretary Cohen supports General Ralston despite his record of adultery--women's groups are outraged

• Feminists come to Paula Jones' defense after Clinton White House threatens to delve into her sexual history

Women in Non Traditional Careers

Date: 05/30/1997
Program Number: 610
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Susan Au Allen, Lynn Martin, Anita Perez Ferguson

Featured Topics:

• Female Harvard professor denied tenure

• Women in blue collar occupations

Protecting Your Assets

Date: 05/23/1997
Program Number: 609
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Josette Shiner, Lyn Martin, Anita Perez Ferguson

Featured Topics:

• Lieutenant Kelly Flynn faces court martial

• Senate passes late term abortions

• Protecting your assets

Minority Women in Higher Education

Date: 05/16/1997
Program Number: 608
Panelists: Pat Schroeder, Linda Chavez, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Jan Parshall

Featured Topics:

• Senator Susan Collins on women and fundraising

• Students at Mills College ask for more faculty and administrators of color

Bringing Up Girls

Date: 05/09/1997
Program Number: 607
Panelists: Arianna Huffington, Linda Chavez, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Diane Rehm

Featured Topics:

• Custody battles

• Bringing up daughters to have more self-esteem

Women & Law Schools

Date: 05/02/1997
Program Number: 606
Panelists: Geraldine Ferraro, Victoria Toensing, Irene Natividad, Darlene Kennedy

Featured Topics:

• Marriage annulments in the Catholic Church

• Women in law schools aren't doing as well as men

Women in Business

Date: 04/25/1997
Program Number: 605
Panelists: Connie Morella, Elaine Chao, Hazel O'Leary, Harriet Woods

Featured Topics:

• 63-year old woman gives birth

• Presidents' Summit on Volunteerism

• Women entrepreneurs are being solicited by banks

Female Athletes

Date: 04/18/1997
Program Number: 604
Panelists: Donna Shalala, Arianna Huffington, Susan Au Allen, Julianne Malveaux

Featured Topics:

• Clinton Administration launches new program to raise self-esteem of young girls called Girl Power!

• Female athletes

Earth Day: Environmental effects on women's health

Abolition of Marriage

Date: 04/11/1997
Program Number: 603
Panelists: Arianna Huffington, Jan Parshall, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Kathleen Kennedy

Featured Topics:

• Talking to your kids about drugs

• Abolition of marriage

Women in the Ministry

Date: 04/04/1997
Program Number: 602
Panelists: Arianna Huffington, Julianne Malveaux, Irene Natividad, Josette Shiner

Featured Topics:

New Study: Kids in day care do just as well as those cared for by their mothers at home

• Ellen DeGeneres'' TV character is out of the closet

• Women in the ministry

Managed Care

Date: 03/28/1997
Program Number: 601
Panelists: Dr. Antonia Novello, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, Arianna Huffington, Anita Perez Ferguson

Featured Topics:

• Clinton Administration allocates federal funds for abstinence education

• Women navigating managed care

Access to Banking

Date: 03/21/1997
Program Number: 552
Panelists: Aida Alvarez, Irene Natividad, Darlene Kennedy, Susan Au Allen; Special Guest: Diana Dorn Jones

Featured Topics:

• Pornography on the Internet

• Alexis Herman's confirmation hearings

• African American entrepreneurs

Fireproof Your Career

Date: 03/14/1997
Program Number: 551
Panelists: Eleanor Holmes Norton, Jan Parshall, Julianne Malveaux, Darlene Kennedy

Featured Topics:

• Army sex scandal

• Late-term abortions

• Interview with Lynn Wymon

Alternative Communications for Women

Date: 03/07/1997
Program Number: 550
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Arianna Huffington, Julianne Malveaux, Lynn Martin

Featured Topics:

• Fornication laws against pregnant teens

• Child labor laws

• Interview with Martha Burke of Feminist Faxnet

Women Peacemakers

Date: 02/28/1997
Program Number: 549
Panelists: Jean Kirkpatrick, Diane Rehm, Irene Natividad, Susan Au Allen

Featured Topics:

• Birth Control pills the morning after

• Secretary of State Madeline Albright in China

• Weaving Peace--Egyptian/Israeli women

Access to Women's Organizations

Date: 02/21/1997
Program Number: 548
Panelists: Anita Perez-Ferguson, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Harriet Woods, Kennedy, Prema Mathai-Davis (2nd half only)

Featured Topics:

Flex time and women--legislation

• Junior League reaches out to women and minorities

Peru and Population Issues

Date: 02/14/1997
Program Number: 547
Panelists: Geraldine Ferraro, Connie Morella, Darlene Kennedy, Harriett Woods, Robin Chandler Duke (2nd half only)

Featured Topics:

• Sexual harassment in the Army

• Resource depletion in Peru & Population planning

Black History Month

Date: 02/07/1997
Program Number: 546
Panelists: Darlene Kennedy, Carol Moseley-Braun, Cynthia McKinney, Lynn Martin, Karen DeWitt (2nd half only)

Featured Topics:

• Welfare reform

Interview--Nell Irvin Painter on Sojourner Truth

Diversity on Campus

Date: 01/31/1997
Program Number: 545
Panelists: Pat Schroeder, Lynn Martin, Susan Au Allen, Cynthia McKinney

Featured Topics:

• Drive-through mastectomies

• Barnard's diversity program

Women and Retirement

Date: 01/17/1997
Program Number: 543
Panelists: Eleanor Holmes Norton, Arianna Huffington, Karen DeWitt, Victoria Toensing

Featured Topics:

• Abortion bombing--Atlanta, GA

• Mitsubishi /Jackson--Texaco

• Interview with Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD)

Women Legislators

Date: 01/10/1997
Program Number: 542
Panelists: Woods, Anita Perez Ferguson, Jan Parshall, Darlene Kennedy

Featured Topics:

• Immigration law and homosexuals

• Interracial adoptions

• Interview with Robin Reade

Dieting in America

Date: 01/03/1997
Program Number: 541
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Julianne Malveaux, Jan Parshall, Darlene Kennedy

Featured Topics:

• Dallas Cowboy's Michael Irvin--Williams charges

• Evita phenomenon

• New diet pills--interview with Sheldon Milner

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