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Past Programs

Summaries of To the Contrary's shows from 1996 to present are listed. You can also watch full episodes from 2010 to the present online here.

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Women & The Millennium

Date: 12/31/1999
Program Number: 841

Featured Topics:

• Women & the Millennium: "Millennium madness" is prompting a lot of people-- particularly women--to think about what the closing of this historical chapter means. Some of our panelists and guests share who they think is the Woman of the Millennium and discuss the challenges women have faced and have yet to overcome.

Re-Entering the Workforce

Date: 12/24/1999
Program Number: 840
Panelists: Kellyanne Fitzpatrick Irene Natividad Amy Holmes Michelle Singletary

Featured Topics:

• On-Line Shopping

• The Changing American Family

• Interview w/Jill Miller, Executive Director of Women Work.

National Council of Negro Women: Agenda

Date: 12/17/1999
Program Number: 839
Panelists: Toni Ford Irene Natividad Amy Holmes Michelle Singletary

Featured Topics:

• Political Daughters

• Surgeon General's Mental Health Report

• Interview w/Dr. Jane E. Smith, President & CEO of the National Council of Negro Women

FMLA: Family Leave Income

Date: 11/26/1999
Program Number: 836
Panelists: Rep. Lynn Woolsey, Michelle Singletary, Linda Chavez, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick

Featured Topics:

• Adoption Discrimination Against the Disabled

• GI Joe and Boys' Body Image

• Interview w/Judith Lichtman, president of the National Partnership for Women and Families

The Working Woman's Vote

Date: 11/19/1999
Program Number: 835
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Linda Chavez, Holly Page, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick

Featured Topics:

• Corporate Ladder Levels Off: New Census data says there are less women in line for CEO positions

• Discrimination Against Obese Women in the Workplace

• Interview w/Adele Stan, contributing writer to Working Woman Magazine

Employers' Role In Pay Equity

Date: 11/12/1999
Program Number: 834
Panelists: Michelle Singletary, Heather Nauert, Ruth Conniff, Amy Holmes

Featured Topics:

• Cost of Raising a Child

• More Women Ph.D.s

• Interview w/Susan Bianchi-Sand, Executive Director of the National Committee on Pay Equity

Women & Campaign Fundraising

Date: 11/05/1999
Program Number: 833
Panelists: Rep. Ellen Tauscher, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Susan Molinari, Amy Holmes

Featured Topics:

• Carol Moseley-Braun Nomination for Ambassdor to New Zealand

• Controversial composition lands Texas schoolboy in jail

• Interviews w/Pat Harrison, Co-Chairman of the Republican National Committee and Ellen Malcolm, President and Founder of EMILY's List

Sex, Media & Women's Health: Who Cares About Girls?

Date: 10/29/1999
Program Number: 832
Panelists: Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, Amy Holmes, Irene Natividad, Laura Flanders

Featured Topics:

• Viagra for Women

• Harry Potter-mania: promoting the occult?

• A Boston conference explores the influence of the media on girls' sexual health

E-Commerce & Women's Businesses

Date: 10/22/1999
Program Number: 831
Panelists: Ann Stone, Irene Natividad, Amy Holmes, Laura Flanders

Featured Topics:

• Elizabeth Dole drops out of Presidential campaign

• Abstinence & Girls' Sex-Ed programs

• E-commerce and women-owned businesses

From Zzz's to A's: School Start Times

Date: 10/15/1999
Program Number: 830
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, Elaine Chao, Judsen Culbreth

Featured Topics:

• Some Women's Business Groups petition Small Business Administration for "socially disadvantaged" status

• Supreme Court to decide constitutionality of law giving grandparents and "third parties" the right to petition court for visitation

• Later school start times make the grade. Interview w/Rep. Zoe Lofgren

See Jane Win

Date: 10/08/1999
Program Number: 829
Panelists: Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, Elaine Chao, Julianne Malveaux, Holly Page

Featured Topics:

• Gore Re-starts campaign again in Tennessee

• Women Boxes Man in Seattle

• How competitive girls grow into successful women. Interview w/Dr. Sylvia Rimm, author of See Jane Win

Women Business Owners & Congress

Date: 10/01/1999
Program Number: 828
Panelists: Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Lynn Martin, Eliane Chao, Julianne Malveaux

Featured Topics:

• Population Boom: 6 Billion & Growing

New Perspective on Teen Pregnancy

Interview w/Terry Neese of the National Association of Women Business Owners

Children Speak on Working Parents

Date: 09/24/1999
Program Number: 827
Panelists: Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Lynn Martin, Amy Holmes, Julianne Malveaux

Featured Topics:

• Bob Dole 'Disses' Elizabeth Dole's Presidential Campaign?

• Divorce Rate Falling?

• Interview w/Ellen Galinsky, author of Ask the Children

Student-on-Student Sexual Harassment

Date: 09/17/1999
Program Number: 826
Panelists: Linda Chavez, Patricia Ireland, Karen Miller, Julianne Malveaux

Featured Topics:

• Divorced Dads Claim Discrimination in Courts

• Casual Days at Work

• Interview w/Verna L. Williams of the National Women's Law Center

Diane Rehm:Finding My Voice

Date: 09/10/1999
Program Number: 825
Panelists: Linda Chavez, Laura Flanders, Amy Holmes, Holly Page

Featured Topics:

• Bradley and the Women's Vote

• Grandparents raising grandchildren

• Interview w/Diane Rehm

Minority Women & Retirement

Date: 09/03/1999
Program Number: 824
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Rep. Connie Morella, Linda Chavez, Ruth Conniff/Jeanette Takamura

Featured Topics:

Freshman 15 & Body Image

• Women & Retirement II:Minority Women & Retirement

Women's Consumer Network

Date: 08/27/1999
Program Number: 823
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Linda Chavez, Susan Molinari, Ruth Coniff

Featured Topics:

• At-Home Drug Tests

• Women and Welfare

• Interview w/Melissa Moss

Time Off for Schools Bill

Date: 08/20/1999
Program Number: 822
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Amy Holmes, Heather Nauert

Featured Topics:

• Cash for Contraception

• Evolution in Schools

• Interview w/Senator Patty Murray (D-WA)

Kids & Commercialism

Date: 08/13/1999
Program Number: 821
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Irene Natividad, Amy Holmes, Heather Nauert

Featured Topics:

• Gun Violence:Aiming for Safety

• Bush Lite:George Bush Jr. Denies Using Cocaine

• Interview w/Betsy Taylor

Millennium Healthcare

Date: 08/06/1999
Program Number: 820
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Holly Page, Amy Holmes, Arianna Huffington

Featured Topics:

• Stay-At-Home Husbands for Women CEOs

• Internet Adultery

• Interview w/Dr. Joycelyn Elders

Women & Retirement

Date: 07/30/1999
Program Number: 819
Panelists: Rep. Jennifer Dunn, Rep. Louise Slaughter, Amy Holmes, Rep. Nancy Johnson

Featured Topics:

• Tax Cut Bill

• Women & Retirement I

CA Child Support Collections

Date: 07/23/1999
Program Number: 818
Panelists: Rep. Nancy Johnson, Rep. Lynn Woolsey, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Amy Holmes.

Featured Topics:

• Adult Child Support

• California Child Support Collections

Women's Salary Survey

Date: 07/16/1999
Program Number: 817
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Ruth Conniff, Elaine Chao, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick

Featured Topics:

Patients' Rights Bill

• The Babe Factor: Women's Championship Soccer

Working Woman's Salary Survey

Charity Cars

Date: 07/09/1999
Program Number: 816
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Pat Schroeder, Amy Holmes, Arianna Huffington

Featured Topics:

• Hillary Clinton Explores

• High School Wage Gap

• Interview w/Brian Menzies

State of Day Care

Date: 07/02/1999
Program Number: 815
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Julianne Malveaux, Heather Nauert, Arianne Huffington

Featured Topics:

• Marriage & Pessimism

• Immigrants & Domestic Jobs

• Interview w/Working Mother's Nicola Godfrey

Children & Environmental Hazards

Date: 06/25/1999
Program Number: 814
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Holly Page, Linda Chavez, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick

Featured Topics:

• Working Through Retirement

• Pausing Menopause

• Interview w/Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA)

At-Risk Youth

Date: 06/18/1999
Program Number: 813
Panelists: Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Rep. Ellen Tauscher, Heather Nauert, Susan Au Allen

Featured Topics:

• Juvenile Justice/Gun Control Bill

• At-Risk Youth

Germaine Greer:The Whole Woman

Date: 06/11/1999
Program Number: 812
Panelists: Julianne, Malveaux, Amy Holmes, Lynn Martin, Ruth Conniff

Featured Topics:

• Gore & Women Voters

• Post-Columbine Student Backlash

• Interview w/Germaine Greer

Tipper Gore & the Mental Health Conference

Date: 06/04/1999
Program Number: 811
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Lynn Martin, Ruth Conniff, Amy Holmes

Featured Topics:

• Hillary Running?

• Interview w/Tipper Gore

Arizona's Fab Five

Date: 05/28/1999
Program Number: 810
Panelists: Pat Schroeder, Linda Chavez, Irene Natividad, Elaine Chao

Featured Topics:

• Senator Hillary?

• New Bankruptcy Legislation

• Interview with Governor Jane Hull (R-AZ)

Women's Networks

Date: 05/21/1999
Program Number: 809
Panelists: Pat Schroeder, Irene Natividad, Linda Chavez, Amy Holmes

Featured Topics:

• More School Violence - Atlanta, GA

• Murder or Suicide?: Family shooting in Orlando

Interview with Sheila Wellington, President of Catalyst

Molly Ivins

Date: 05/14/1999
Program Number: 808
Panelists: Patricia Ireland, Ruth Conniff, Heather Nauert, Deborah Simmons

Featured Topics:

• Pre-Marital Counseling Legislation

• Fur Coat Warning Labels

• Interview with Politcal Columnist Molly Ivins, on the state of the "liberal" media

Women and Philanthropy

Date: 05/07/1999
Program Number: 807
Panelists: Rep. Ellen Tauscher, Patricia Ireland, Amy Holmes, Deborah Simmons, Kavita Ramdas

Featured Topics:

• White House School Violence Summit.

• To The Contrary's Exclusive Poll on Women and Philanthropy.

State of the States: Pay Equity

Date: 04/30/1999
Program Number: 806
Panelists: Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Ruth Conniff, Amy Holmes

Featured Topics:

• Uninsured Children.

• Money & Marriages.

• Pay Equity from State to State.

Women Investors

Date: 04/23/1999
Program Number: 805
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Ruth Conniff, Amy Holmes, Heather Nauert, Vicki Thomas

Featured Topics:

• School Violence in Littleton, Colorado.

• The Closing of Radcliffe College.

• Investement Programs for Women.

Women Serial Killers

Date: 04/16/1999
Program Number: 804
Panelists: Lynn Martin, Linda Chavez, Julianne Malveaux, Harriet Woods

Featured Topics:

• Negative Behavior of Parents.

• Gender Issues in the Military.

• Interview with Pat Kirby, on the feminization of serial killing.

Majority Minority

Date: 04/09/1999
Program Number: 803
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Irene Natividad, Lynn Martin, Linda Chavez, Margaret Simms

Featured Topics:

• Kosovo Refugees.

• Deadbeat Parents.

• San Francisco's Hearts and Minds Collaborative, discourse on minorities becoming the majority in the new millenium.

The Power of Women's Bodies

Date: 04/02/1999
Program Number: 802
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Irene Natividad, Ann Stone, Amy Holmes, Phyllis Greenberger

Featured Topics:

• Gay Marriages.

• Interview with Natalie Angier, author of Woman: An Intimate Geography.

Women and Media - Geraldine Laybourne

Date: 03/26/1999
Program Number: 801
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Ruth Conniff, Elaine Chao, Amy Holmes

Featured Topics:

• Women in the Military: Kosovo.

• Women and Sleep.

• Interview with Geraldine Laybourne of Oxygen Media.

Working Mother

Date: 03/19/1999
Program Number: 752
Panelists: Working Mother's Top 10 Work-Life Companies

Featured Topics:

• Education Agenda & Republicans.

• Car Phone Safety.

• Working Mother's Top 10 Work-Life Companies.

Unsung Heroines

Date: 03/12/1999
Program Number: 751
Panelists: Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, Irene Natividad, Judsen Culbreth, Faye Anderson

Featured Topics:

• Elizabeth Dole Explores Presidential Bid.

• Happy 40th Birthday, Barbie.

• The Unsung Heroine Awards.

Tammy Baldwin

Date: 03/05/1999
Program Number: 750
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Ruth Conniff, Faye Anderson, Vicki Toensing

Featured Topics:

• Equal Pay & Poverty.

• Race, Sex and Your Heart.

• Freshman Women in Congress: Interview w/Tammy Baldwin.

Women at the Polls

Date: 02/26/1999
Program Number: 749
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Karen Miller, Patricia Ireland, Darlene Kennedy

Featured Topics:

• Lewinsky-Broaddrick.

• Senator Hillary?

• Interview with Amy Caiazza.


Date: 02/19/1999
Program Number: 748
Panelists: Eleanor Holmes Norton, Arianna Huffington, Irene Natividad, Linda Chavez

Featured Topics:

• Family Medical Leave Act.

• Cybergirls.

• Interview with Cathy Young, author "Ceasefire!".

The Greedy Hand

Date: 02/12/1999
Program Number: 747
Panelists: Eleanor Holmes Norton, Rep. Jennifer Dunn, Irene Natividad, Arianna Huffington

Featured Topics:

• Impeachment Ends.

• Where the Boys Aren't.

• Interview with Amity Shlaes, author "The Greedy Hand."

Middle School Daycare

Date: 02/05/1999
Program Number: 746
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Karen Miller, Judsen Culbreth, Deborah Simmons

Featured Topics:

• Anti-Affirmative Action.

• American & European Sex Education.

• Interview with Sarah Hoit Whitman.

Hope In a Jar

Date: 01/29/1999
Program Number: 745
Panelists: Judsen Culbreth, Elaine Chao, Faye Anderson, Karen Tumulty

Featured Topics:

• Women Senators and the Impeachment.

• Women More accepting of Religion?.

• Interview with Kathy Peiss, author of "Hope in a Jar".

106th Congress

Date: 01/22/1999
Program Number: 744
Panelists: Eleanor Holmes Norton, Linda Chavez, Ruth Conniff, Karen Miller

Featured Topics:

• Breast Cancer.

• Hillary and Liddy.

• Issues facing the women of the 106th Congress.

Shareholders vs. Stakeholders

Date: 01/15/1999
Program Number: 743
Panelists: Eleanor Holmes Norton, Linda Chavez, Rep. Ellen Tauscher, Elaine Chao

Featured Topics:

• Politicians' Private Lives/Bob Barr.

• The role of corporations in economic security of families.

Ms. Senior America

Date: 01/08/1999
Program Number: 742
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Linda Chavez, Julianne Malveaux, Faye Anderson

Featured Topics:

• Laws making it harder for teens to smoke illegally and get drivers' licenses.

• A new study shows a link between delaying childbearing and living longer.

• Contestants in the Ms. Senior America Pageant are proving the later years can be a time of opportunity.

Women and Social Security

Date: 01/01/1999
Program Number: 741
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Linda Chavez, Julianne Malveaux, Faye Anderson

Featured Topics:

• The ethics of the science behind the world's first live-born octuplets.

• Women dockworkers sue for equality in hiring.

• Interview with Rep. Judy Biggert (R-IL) on what women need from Social Security reform

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