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Past Programs

Summaries of To the Contrary's shows from 1996 to present are listed. You can also watch full episodes from 2010 to the present online here.

Click on a year below to see a list of that year's shows.

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New women Senators

Date: 12/22/2000
Program Number: 940
Panelists: Ruth Conniff, Elaine Chao, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Karen Miller

Featured Topics:

Women control 80 cents of every consumer dollar spent in this country. Merchants fear that when the final tallies are in after the Christmas shopping season, it may not be as big as last year's.

• Educating unwed mothers: The NYCLU is charging that some New York City schools with discriminating against pregnant and parenting teens.

• New Women Senators: The 107th Congress welcomes four new Democratic women Senators. Interview with Senator-Elect Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat from Michigan.

Chronic Pain

Date: 12/15/2000
Program Number: 939
Panelists: Cecilia Munoz, Elaine Chao, Victoria Toensing, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton

Featured Topics:

The 2000 Presidential Election is over! We look ahead to see what President-Elect George W. Bush has in store for women in his administration.

• Chronic Pain: Fifty million Americans suffer needlessly with chronic pain - the majority of whom are women. We look at some treatment options that will help keep you informed and pain-free.

Older Women's Agenda

Date: 12/08/2000
Program Number: 938
Panelists: Laura Flanders, Cherylyn Harley, Arianna Huffington, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton

Featured Topics:

• Grading Parents: Some schools are trying to get parents more involved in their kids education by grading how well parents do on that front.

• The older women's agenda: What do older women want from the new administration? Interview with Deborah Briceland Betts of the Older Women's League.

Election Program

Date: 12/01/2000
Program Number: 937
Panelists: Rep. Connie Morella, Cherylyn Harley, Arianna Huffington, Julianne Malveaux

Featured Topics:

• The U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the battle for the Presidency.

• The National Association of Women Business Owners is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. We'll take a look at what they've done for women in business over the years. Interview with Debra Hickerson of the National Association of Women Business Owners.


Date: 11/17/2000
Program Number: 935
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Ruth Conniff, Toni Ford, Karen Miller

Featured Topics:

• Election 2000 results update.

• A new government report says not enough American moms are breast-feeding their infants.

Election Program

Date: 11/10/2000
Program Number: 934
Panelists: Ruth Conniff, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Ann Stone, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick

Featured Topics:

Election 2000 Results and the Florida re-count.

• Women and Election 2000: The impact of the elections and what lies ahead for women.

Presidential Politics

Date: 11/03/2000
Program Number: 933
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Angela McGlowan, Amy Holmes, Megan Beyer

Featured Topics:

• Its the last full week before the election and both major party candidates are working furiously to get-out-the-vote. We talk about what will get women to the polls. Interview with leading pollsters Linda Divall and Celinda Lake.

• Special Election Update - TTC follows one of the closest Presidential races in history. We examine the issues from both sides with special panelists, Julianne Malveaux and Kellyanne Fitzpatrick.

Saving Family Farms

Date: 10/27/2000
Program Number: 932
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Ann Stone, Cherylyn Harley, Ruth Conniff

Featured Topics:

• Presidential polls show an astounding amount of volatility and differences in the numbers. Our panel of experts will tell you what is causing these gyrations and why the majority of undecided voters are women.

• Saving Family Farms - As urban sprawl expands, its eating up the number of family- owned farms nationwide. That while consumer demand for organic produce, which these farms grow, is rising dramatically. An in-depth feature piece examining local farms.


Date: 10/20/2000
Program Number: 931
Panelists: Del. Holmes Norton, Janet Parshall, Pat Schroeder, Amy Holmes

Featured Topics:

• The Homework Debate - How much homework is too much homework? Many parents are complaining that their lives are being over run by their children's homework. The PTA and other organizations are suggesting homework time limits.

• Polypharmacy - Its the new term coined to describe the harmful interactions that can occur when patients are on a variety of medications and they interact - sometimes badly. This danger is especially prevalent in older women.

Cancer Fatigue Management

Date: 10/13/2000
Program Number: 930
Panelists: Del. Holmes Norton, Alicia Montgomery, Karen Miller, Amy Holmes

Featured Topics:

• Debate Number two is over and while most instant polls show Texas Governor George W. Bush the winner, Vice President Al Gore holds on to his steady lead among women voters.

• Cancer Fatigue Management - Cancer patients suffer from many side effects in addition to the cancer itself. The most prevalent and longest lasting of those side effects is fatigue. We'll take a look at what is being done to help patients, especially women who suffer from fatigue in greater numbers than their male counterparts.

Child Support Assurance

Date: 10/06/2000
Program Number: 929
Panelists: Rep. Lynn Woolsey D-CA, Toni Ford, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Karen Miller

Featured Topics:

• The Supreme Court is back in session - we'll look at what is turning out to be a surprisingly important issue in this campaign - the next President's selection of Supreme Court Justices.

• Child Support Assurance - California is working hard to make sure child support gets where it belongs - into the hands of custodial parents.

Women Entrepreneurs

Date: 09/29/2000
Program Number: 928
Panelists: Ruth Conniff, Michelle Conlin, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Debra Hickerson

Featured Topics:

• Women's vote in Election 2000 - recent polls show Bush gaining in women's votes, but there is still a wide spread between the two candidates with Gore leading among women voters.

• Women Entrepreneurs - Women start two-thirds of all new businesses each year, and there are over nine million women-owned businesses. In-depth Package profiling different women business owners.

Distance Learning

Date: 09/22/2000
Program Number: 927
Panelists: Senator Patty Murray D-WA, Rep. Ellen Tauscher D-CA, Amy Holmes, Julianne Malveaux, Victoria Toensing

Featured Topics:

All eyes are focused on Sydney where the 2000 Summer Games are under way, we'll look at the role women are playing in this year's games.

• Distance Learning: More and more people are taking advantage of the educational opportunities extended to them via the Internet. In-depth package featuring a woman enrolled in a distance learning course at the University of Washington - Seattle.

Healthy Teen Sexuality

Date: 09/15/2000
Program Number: 926
Panelists: Rep. Ellen Tauscher D-CA, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Ann Stone, Amy Holmes

Featured Topics:

Al Gore turns his attention toward the white male vote now that he has for the moment, secured his standing among women and minorities.November elections.

• Healthy Teen Sexuality: There are two schools of thought disputing the best way to teach our teens about sex.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Date: 09/08/2000
Program Number: 925
Panelists: Alma Moralez Riojas, Irene Natividad, Elaine Chao, Barbara Olson

Featured Topics:

• Congress is back in session and we'll look at the confounding array of women's issues Congress will be tackling before it adjourns for the November elections.

•Its Hispanic Heritage month and as the nation celebrates its diversity, the Presidential campaign fights to woo the Hispanic vote.

• "Wealth of Choices" -- Wall Street Journal Washington Bureau Chief Alan Murray untangles the rules of the new economy for women.

Corporate Boards

Date: 09/01/2000
Program Number: 924
Panelists: Pat Ireland, Alicia Montgomery, Barbara Olson, Elaine Chao

Featured Topics:

• Prescription Drugs - Al Gore launches an aggressive ad campaign describing his prescription drug plan for seniors should he be elected President.

• The Single Vote - Single Americans have typically supported Democratic candidates in past elections, but now they claim they are being overlooked by both parties.

• Corporate Boards - Women theorists are changing the way corporations manage resources to maximize profits.

Digital Divide

Date: 08/25/2000
Program Number: 923
Panelists: Pat Schroeder, Amy Holmes, Irene Natividad, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick

Featured Topics:

• Education and Politics

• Capital Punishment

• Digital Divide

Democratic Convention

Date: 08/18/2000
Program Number: 922
Panelists: Pat Schroeder, Amy Holmes, Irene Natividad, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick

Featured Topics:

• Girls Rule Cyberspace

• Democratic Convention

Nine and Counting

Date: 08/11/2000
Program Number: 921
Panelists: Arianna Huffington, Julianne Malveaux, Karen Miller, Ruth Conniff

Featured Topics:

• Parental Leave Act

• College Grads Move Home

• Nine and Counting

GOP Convention

Date: 08/04/2000
Program Number: 920
Panelists: Arianna Huffington, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Amy Holmes, Ruth Conniff

Featured Topics:

• GOP Convention

• Parent-Child Privilege

Welfare to Work

Date: 07/28/2000
Program Number: 919
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Laura Flanders, Amy Holmes, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick

Featured Topics:

• Women and Advertisements

• Flexible Jobs

• Welfare to Work

The Black Student Fund

Date: 07/21/2000
Program Number: 918
Panelists: Rep. Connie Morella, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Laura Flanders, Amy Holmes

Featured Topics:

• Marriage Penalty Tax

• The Black Student Fund

Women, the Internet and Election 2000

Date: 07/14/2000
Program Number: 917
Panelists: GUEST HOST: Fmr. NY Rep. Susan Molinari, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Amy Holmes, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, Megan Beyer

Featured Topics:

• Working Women Narrow the Wage Gap/Bernadette Grey of Working Woman magazine

• Women, the Internet & Election 2000/Interview w/Nancy Evans, President of iVillage.com

CT Parental Involvement

Date: 07/07/2000
Program Number: 916
Panelists: GUEST HOST: U.S. HHS Secretary Donna Shalala, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Amy Holmes, Karen Miller, Megan Beyer

Featured Topics:

• Congress and Prescription Drug Benefits

• CT Parent Leadership Training Institute.

The Feminine Love of Animals

Date: 06/30/2000
Program Number: 915
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Michelle Conlin, Ann Stone, Heather Nauert

Featured Topics:

• Changing Attitudes on Sex and Abortion

• Domestic Violence Decreasing

• Interview w/Mary Lou Randour, author of Animal Grace

Managing Menopause

Date: 06/23/2000
Program Number: 914
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Ann Stone, Phyllis Greenberger, Megan Beyer, Toni Ford

Featured Topics:

• The Elections and the Social Security Debate: Interview w/Senator Barbara Mikulski, D - Maryland

Managing Menopause

Working Woman 500

Date: 06/16/2000
Program Number: 913
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Elaine Chao, Ruth Conniff, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick

Featured Topics:

• Throwaway Dads: Armin Brott

Interview w/Bernadette Grey, Editor-in-Chief of Working Woman Magazine

Beijing +5

Date: 06/09/2000
Program Number: 912
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Ruth Conniff, Elaine Chao, Karen Miller

Featured Topics:

• Beijing +5

• Chance of Woman VP in 2000 Growing Slim

Senator Dianne Feinstein: Gun Control

Date: 06/02/2000
Program Number: 911
Panelists: Lynn Martin, Julianne Malveaux, Amy Holmes, Pat Schroeder

Featured Topics:

• The Pill at 40

• The Happiness Index

• Interview w/California Senator Dianne Feinstein

Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman

Date: 05/26/2000
Program Number: 910
Panelists: Lynn Martin, Julianne Malveaux, Amy Holmes, Michelle Conlin

Featured Topics:

• NOW Rates FOX the "Network of Shame"

• PA Governor Tom Ridge as Bush Running Mate?

• Interview w/Gail Evans, an Executive Director at CNN

California Tech Up

Date: 05/19/2000
Program Number: 909
Panelists: Senator Barbara Boxer, Irene Natividad, Amy Holmes, Ann Stone

Featured Topics:

• After-School Education Programs

• Women and Grassroots Organizing via the Internet

I'm Not Mad, I Just Hate You!: Mother-Teenage Daughter Conlifcts

Date: 05/12/2000
Program Number: 908
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Linda Chavez, Ruth Conniff, Karen Miller

Featured Topics:

• The Gun Issue: Million Mom March vs. Second Amendment Sisters

• Giuliani Campaign Woes

• Interview w/Dr. Roni Cohen Sandler

Women Waging Peace

Date: 05/05/2000
Program Number: 907
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Heather Nauert, Julianne Malveaux, Karen Miller

Featured Topics:

• Million Mom March

• Paying Without Paternity

• Interview w/Swanee Hunt, Former Ambassador to Austria and now Harvard University‚Äôs Women and Public Policy Program Director


Date: 04/28/2000
Program Number: 906
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Heather Nauert, Julianne Malveaux, Karen Miller

Featured Topics:

• Elian Gonzalez

• Testosterone Therapy

• Interview w/Representative Connie Morella (R-Maryland)

Women on Shop Floors

Date: 04/21/2000
Program Number: 905
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Laura Flanders, Amy Holmes, Karen Miller

Featured Topics:

Girls Shun Technology

• Erin Brockovich: Casual/Sexy Dress at Work

Interview w/Eileen Appelbaum, Research Director of the Economic Policy Institute

Genetic Discrimination

Date: 04/14/2000
Program Number: 904
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Laura Flanders, Amy Holmes, Michelle Conlin

Featured Topics:

• Women's Vote 2000: Bush-Gore Camapaign Gaffs

• Britain's Prime Minister Blair to take 'Paternity Leave'

• Interview w/Judith Lichtman, President of the National Partnership for Women & Families

Early Childhood Initiative

Date: 04/07/2000
Program Number: 903
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Irene Natividad, Linda Chavez, Susan Molinari

Featured Topics:

• Women's Vote 2000: Gun Control and Social Security

Pennsylvania's Early Childhood Initiative

Women & Corporate Boards

Date: 03/31/2000
Program Number: 902
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Elaine Chao, Pat Schroeder, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick

Featured Topics:

Women Want Affirmative Action (AFL-CIO Study)

• Teen Drivers: The More the Deadlier

Interview w/Madeliene Condit of Korn/Ferry International.

Internet Innovations for Women

Date: 03/24/2000
Program Number: 901
Panelists: Rep. Ellen Tauscher, Amy Holmes, Pat Schroeder, Rosalynn O'Connell

Featured Topics:

• Rules on Ritalin - First Lady, Hillary Clinton outlines plans to study the number of children on powerful psychiatric drugs.

• Governor Bush's views may "kill" the women's vote - George W. holds the record of overseeing more executions than any other governor.

• Internet Innovations for Women - TTC's look at how technological developments will make women's everyday lives easier.

Prescription Drug Benefits

Date: 03/17/2000
Program Number: 852
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Ruth Conniff, Elaine Chao, Linda Chavez

Featured Topics:

• Brilliant Babies

• Working Women Work Irregular Hours

• Interview w/Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln.

Unsung Heroines

Date: 03/10/2000
Program Number: 851
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Ruth Conniff, Elaine Chao, Karen Miller

Featured Topics:

Super Tuesday Primaries

Abandoned Babies

• Unsung Heroines: Great Women Doing Great Things.

Women's History Month

Date: 03/03/2000
Program Number: 850
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Laura Flanders, Toni Ford, Amy Holmes

Featured Topics:

• Urban Sprawl

• New Business Trend? Clients Get Canned

• Interview w/ Patricia Ireland, President of the National Organization for Women.

Women & Venture Capital

Date: 02/25/2000
Program Number: 849
Panelists: Irene Natividad, Toni Ford, Laura Flanders, Michelle Conlin

Featured Topics:

• McCain leads Bush over Gore

• Multi-Millionaire Marriage Meltdown

• Interview w/Sheryl Marshall, Managing Director of Axxon Capital.

Strong Women

Date: 02/18/2000
Program Number: 848
Panelists: Lynn Martin, Arianna Huffington, Irene Natividad, Julianne Malveaux

Featured Topics:

• Women, Religion & Politics

• Women & Bio-Diversity

• Older Women and Sarcopenia.

Family Support

Date: 02/11/2000
Program Number: 847
Panelists: Rep. Ellen Tauscher, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Amy Holmes, Lynn Martin

Featured Topics:

• Cohabitation on the Rise

• Hillary Clinton Officially Announces NY Senate Run

• Early Childhood Family Education.

Election 2000: Ernestine Schlant Bradley

Date: 02/04/2000
Program Number: 846
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Amy Holmes, Heather Nauert, Julianne Malveaux

Featured Topics:

• The Natural History of Rape?

• The Great Black Divide

• Interview w/Ernestine Schlant Bradley, wife of Presidential candidate Bill Bradley.

Girls & AD/HD

Date: 01/28/2000
Program Number: 845
Panelists: Rep. Anne Northup, Rep. Janice Schakowsky, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Linda Chavez

Featured Topics:

• State of the Union: State of Healthcare

• Girls and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

Internet Privacy

Date: 01/21/2000
Program Number: 844
Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Linda Chavez, Ruth Conniff, Toni Ford

Featured Topics:

• Preview: The Iowa Caucuses

Teen Allowance Averages $50 a week

Interview w/Deirdre Mulligan, of the Center for Democracy & Technology.

The Reform Party

Date: 01/14/2000
Program Number: 843
Panelists: Julianne Malveaux, Linda Chavez, Ruth Conniff, Toni Ford

Featured Topics:

• Elian Gonzalez/Grandparents Suing for Visitation at Supreme Court

• Americans' Mixed Reactions on Putting a Woman in the White House.

• Interview w/Jacqueline Salit, Reform Party Consultant.

Mexico's Abortion Debate

Date: 01/07/2000
Program Number: 842
Panelists: Rep. Connie Morella, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Irene Natividad, Ann Stone, Frances Kissling

Featured Topics:

• OSHA Standards in the Home

• Mexico's Abortion Debate

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