Episode I: A More Perfect Union (Federalism)

In A More Perfect Union, Peter Sagal explores the Constitution’s most striking and innovative feature: its resilient brand of federalism. The framers created a strong national government while at the same time preserving much of the power and independence of the states.  This delicate balance of power, seemingly hard-wired for disagreement and conflict, has served America well for more than two centuries. Let's take a closer look at how it has also led to tensions throughout American history and still sparks controversy today over medical marijuana, gun control, and Obamacare.

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In this digital age, teachers often incorporate video into the classroom as these teachers have done through the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab program. Click here for a project-based video journalism curriculum, media literacy resources and student videos about constitutional issues in their schools and communities.

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The National Endowment for the Humanities, a major funder of CONSTITUTION USA with Peter Sagal, offers additional resources on federalism for teachers, students, and parents searching for high-quality material. Find even more on the EDSITEment website.

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