Engagement Opportunities

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CONSTITUTION USA can be used to help drive discussion and engagement around constitutional issues and how those issues are played out daily in our lives and communities. Special screenings and events are easy to convene using the resources on this site.

We hope these materials provide you with information to help you plan an event and connect you to organizations and resources to make your local effort memorable and effective.

Discussion Guide: This guide offers information about the series, event planning suggestions, discussion topics and questions and prompts.

Clips:The full series is available for purchase at Shop PBS. In addition to the full episodes, several clips are available for your use, contact constitutionUSA@tpt.org to request a DVD of the following content:

  • Clips from the series (20 min):Includes footage about the “making of” CONSTITUTION USA and excerpts from three of the four episodes (topics include freedom of speech, freedom of religion, federalism, and Congressional gridlock).
  • Clips from Episode II (20 min): Excerpts from Episode II of CONSTITUTION USA: It’s a Free Country where Peter explores importance of Bill of Rights, especially freedom of speech.
  • Making of CONSTITUTION USA (7 min): Go behind the scenes and see what it was like making the series. Includes interviews with the production team.

There are also resources to help get the word out:

And just for fun, consider including the following materials:

If your budget permits, consider ordering Pocket Constitutions. Some cost as little as $1/book and can be cheaper if bulk orders apply.

To learn more about the program or discuss other engagement ideas, contactconstitutionUSA@tpt.org.